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How Well Do You Know: 12/24/18-12/30/18
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1. Let's start with college football. Please pick the margin of victories by which the Notre Dame and Oklahoma seasons came to an end.
14 & 9
27 & 13
25 & 16
27 & 11
2. Something apparently unprecedented happened at the First Responder Bowl, featuring Boise state and Boston College. What was it?
The game ended with a scoreless tie
One of the schools forfeited
The game was cancelled
Both teams scored 50+ points
3. A few weeks ago, this school was in the championship discussion. Over the weekend, they got blown out by 26 point in their bowl game. Which school are we talking about here?
4. And Sunday, this school's head football coach announced suddenly that he was retiring:
Kansas State
5. Switching quickly to college hoops, we read that this conference saw 5 of its teams lose on Saturday, capping the worst December by a major conference in 20 years:
Pac 12
Big East
6. Now for grown man basketball, which saw LeBron James go and unadvisedly injure his groin in a game in which his Lakers nevertheless blew out the:
7. The news is even worse for this notable NBA guard, as heel surgery will cost him the rest of the season:
Rajon Rondo
Chris Paul
Kyrie Irving
John Wall
8. Cheers to Mikaela Shiffrin for notching her record 36th victory - with 15 coming this year - in this discipline:
Speed skating
Slalom skiing
9. We will close out our last quiz of the year by considering the NFL. The Raiders most likely played their final game in Oakland, closing out this chapter in the franchise's history in style, with a dominant victory over this familiar foe:
The 49ers
The Broncos
The Chiefs
The Chargers
10. The final game of the season decided which team from this conference would get into the playoffs:
AFC North
AFC South
NFC East
NFC South
11. They were the first to fire their coach after completing their season:
New York Jets
12. And they sucked badly enough this year to earn the #1 overall pick come the spring's NFL draft:
The Cardinals
The Raiders
The Jags
The Bucs

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