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How Well Do You Know: The Living Daylights
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The Living Daylights Quiz

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In the pre-credits sequence, 004 is killed and the note 'Smiert Spionam' is left near his body. Smiert Spionam is Russian for:
Death to spies
Traitor spy
Double agent
From Russia with love
Parachuting out of an exploding Land Rover that has driven off the Rock of Gibraltar, Bond lands:
in a swimming pool filled with beautiful women
in the middle of a wedding ceremony
in the reception area of his hotel
on a yacht with a woman complaining she never meets any real men
Bond travels to Bratislava to provide protection for a defecting KGB general, Georgi Koskov. At the concert, Bond spies a beautiful woman playing a:
The beautiful woman turns out to be a sniper, trying to kill Koskov. Bond has to make a split second decision and:
shoots her dead
shoots her in the hand
misses accidentally
misses on purpose
Bond smuggles Koskov across the Austrian border in:
The passenger seat of his car
The boot of his car
The tunnels underneath the city
A gas pipeline
Saunders questions Bond's motives for disobeying orders and threatens to tattle to M. Bond's response is best described as:
Back at MI6 headquarters, Bond is looking through the files of female KGB assassins to identify the sniper. Natasha's specialty is killing people with:
her enormous thighs
her exploding teddy bear
Moneypenny had no idea James was such a music lover and invites him over to listen to her:
her Tom Jones collection
her Barry Manilow collection
her Bee Gees collection
her Frank Sinatra collection
Koskov, now in England, is claiming he has defected because General Pushkin has gone crazy. Necros easily infiltrates the MI6 safe house disguised as:
a milkman
a courier
a doctor
a Mormon
Q equips Bond with his gadget for the movie, a key ring, which responds to whistles. What whistle makes it explode?
God Save the Queen
a wolf whistle
Rule Britannia
the James Bond theme
Bond is given orders to assassinate Pushkin, and makes contact with the sniper, Kara, by pretending to be a friend of Koskov. He discovers that:
Koskov's kidnappers took him to Tangier
Koskov's defection was phony
Koskov is being interrogated by the KGB
Koskov is already in kara's apartment, eating strawberries
Meanwhile, Pushkin is visiting an arms dealer, Whitaker, in Tangier. Whitaker is fascinated by war and the entrance hall of his mansion is decorated with:
wax dummies of Whitaker dressed as military strong-men
weapons from throughout the ages
photographs of Whitaker in various combat zones
dioramas of historical battles
Bond and Kara escape in Bond's Aston Martin, which does not feature:
Stinger missiles
outrigger skis
metal-cutting lasers
an ejector seat
Crossing over the border, what is the only thing Bond and Kara have to declare?
a cello
one bottle of the finest Polish vodka
that they are wanted by the Czechoslovakian police
that communism is for losers
Now in Vienna, Bond takes Kara on a date to the Wurstelprater amusement park, where he wins a prize at the shooting range. What is it?
stuffed giraffe
stuffed lion
stuffed elephant
stuffed teddy bear
Still in the amusement park, Bond and Kara share their first kiss:
in the haunted house
on the ferris wheel
on the bumper cars
on the carousel
Bond and Kara travel to Tangier, where Bond pretend-assassinates Pushkin. Arriving back at his hotel, Bond is captured after:
a short struggle with Necros
he is hit from behind by Koskov
he is shot with a tranquilizer dart by Whitaker
he drinks a martini made by Kara
Arriving in Afghanistan, Koskov orders Kara to be arrested as Bond's conspirator, but says he will be compassionate which means:
he will get her into the Siberian Philharmonic Orchestra
he will send her family to stay with her
he will put her in the women-only gulag
she will be shot at dawn
Bond and Kara escape with the help of a local muhajadeen leader, Kamran Shah. He explains he is into theatricals because:
it makes him a more effective scout
he likes an audience
he likes to play dress-up
he went to Oxford
It turns out that Koskov and Whitaker have a deal where they invest the Soviet arms money in opium. Bond initially plans to use a bomb to blow up the opium, but circumstances require him to use to bomb to blow up:
a cargo plane
a bridge
a truck
a fuel tanker
Bond and Necros fight on a cargo net full of opium dangling from an in-flight aircraft. Necros falls to the ground, holding onto:
Bond's boot
Bond's wristwatch
Bond's gun
Bond's jacket
Bond goes back to Tangier to kill Whitaker. When Whitaker gets the upper hand, Bond hides behind a bust of:
That British vulture, Wellington!
That one-eyed goat, Nelson!
That English weasel, Marlborough!
That cigar-chomping fatso, Churchill!
Koskov is captured, and Pushkin orders that he be sent back to Moscow:
first class
via Siberia
in the diplomatic bag
one piece at a time
At the end of the movie, Kara starts her world tour at a gala performance in Vienna. What should, but doesn't, affect her performance?
Bond staring at her from the balcony
the KGB waiting to arrest her off-stage
the bullet hole in her cello
Q stepping in for the conductor
The character of Kara was inspired by Ian Fleming's half sister, who was an accomplished cellist. What was her name?

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