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How Well Do You Know: 8/10/18-8/16/18
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1. At the box office was this new film, which uses this name in its title not to refer to a female, but rather to a big damn shark:
2. Also new at the movies and making a significant mid-week opening is a film with this continental name in its title:
3. There's movie money and then there's movie money, as two actors named Chris dropped out of the upcoming installment of this series, because their paychecks weren't large enough:
Star Trek
Fast and Furious
Mission: Impossible
4. Rest in Peace to the Queen of Soul, music legend Aretha Franklin. With us for an all-too-short 76 years, Franklin left an indelible mark on music. Which of the following is not one of her signature songs?
You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman
Proud Mary
Chain of Fools
5. In other news of music legends, Elizabeth Banks has signed on to produce and star in the story of a Wyoming hotel maid who won a date with this star:
Barry Manilow
Mick Jagger
6. After we all pointed and laughed, _____________ contestant Evan Kaufman proved he had a sense of humor about and a good explanation for his Osama bin Laden/Barack Obama flub:
Family Feud
Beat Shazam
$100,000 Pyramid
America's Got Talent
7. Here's a list of in-the-news women. Harassment led one of them to shutter her Twitter account this week:
Gal Gadot
Angelina Jolie
Ariana Grande
Ruby Rose
8. ....while this one announced she's playing a character named Shank in the it-can't-open-soon-enough Ralph Breaks the Internet:
Gal Gadot
Angelina Jolie
Ariana Grande
Ruby Rose
9. If you've been waiting and waiting for a long-lost nude scene featuring this sex symbol to be discovered, then this week was your lucky week:
Bo Derek
Jayne Mansfield
Marilyn Monroe
Ursula Andress
10. And finally, this rock band is catching heck for a concert poster depicting the White House in flames and an eagle picking at a Trump-like corpse:
Pearl Jam
Rage Against the Machine
Green Day
Imagine Dragon

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