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How Well Do You Know: 7/27/18-8/2/18
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1. With the release of last weekend's Mission: Impossible film, it should be possible for you to determine that Fallout is the __________ installment in the franchise:
2. Meanwhile, you can't properly spell out the title of the new Teen Titans animated movie without using his punctuation sign:
3. Following the lead of Grey's Anatomy guru Shonda Rimes, the creator of this ABC series is bolting the Alphabet Network for a development deal at Netflix:
Modern Family
The Goldbergs
Agents of SHIELD
4. Meanwhile, with movies and TV networks already having covered reboots of every single show centering on humans, a reworking may be in development about this alien-based show of yore:
3rd Rock from the Sun
Mork and Mindy
5. Elsewhere in TV land, this long, long-time host will be hanging it up in 2020:
Alex Trebek
Ellen Degeners
Dr. Phil
Steve Harvey
6. More TV news? OK! If you recognize the hosts of Making It, NBC's new crafting competition show, then you're likely an adherent of this show on which they starred:
30 Rock
The Big Bang Theory
Parks and Recreation
Blue Bloods
7. On the heels of Anthony Bourdain's passing, NatGeo thought it a good idea to have this TV slightly less-beloved chef travel the globe and compete against chefs on their home turf. Everyone else seems to hate the idea:
Gordon Ramsay
Rachel Ray
Ted Allen
Bobby Flay
8. And the world of TV and movies was saddened at the news that this respected actor has been diagnosed with Parkinsons:
Martin Sheen
Donald Sutherland
John Ratzenberger
Alan Alda
9. We'll wrap up with some music news. This 80s act released its single Let Somebody Love You as a preview of its first album in 19 years:
Tears for Fears
The Cure
Culture Club
Flock of Seagulls
10. And Rolling Stone published a controversial interview with this country star, who speaks out in the piece against the NRA:
Eric Church
Jason Aldean
Brad Paisley
Darrius Rucker

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