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How Well Do You Know: The Good Place, Season 2 (Part 2)
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1. "Janet and Michael": Janets are kept in a "neutral pocket dimension right beneath the shapeless time void, right next to:"
The vending machines
The copy machine that hasn't worked for 5 years
An abandoned elevator shaft
2. "Janet and Michael": When Janet tells Michael that she is happy for Jason and Tahani, she barfs:
Buttons that read "Lordy, Lordy, I'm Over 40"
Tiny frogs
3. "Derek": Janet says that, based on her last 10,000 comments, Eleanor's dream rebound guy would be Stone Cold Steve Austin's head on _________'s body
The Postmaster General
Steve Austin, Jr.
Jason Momoa
4. "Derek": Derek doesn't have genitals. In their place, Janet put:
Hand buzzer
5. "Leap to Faith": The gang figures out that Michael had hidden coded clues in his roast. Which did they figure out first?
Michael said Tahani would leave her party early
Michael got Blake Bortles' name wrong
Michael said Eleanor has a thing for doctors
Michael mentions getting getting under a trolley
6. "Leap to Faith": DJ Bad Janet spins! That was "She Hates Me: by Puddle of Mudd. Coming up next:
Video Killed the Radio Star
The B side from every Limp Bizkit single
Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
It's a Small World After All
7. "Best Self": Jason calls shotgun on the original transportation to the Good Place, which is a:
Hang glider
8. "Best Self": Who is the first person denied entrance onto the balloon?
9. "Rhonda, Diana, Jake and Trent": Jason's plan for maneuvering through the Bad Place to get to the portal rests on:
Molotov cocktails
Stink bombs
Roman candles
A blackout
10. "Rhonda, Diana, Jake and Trent": Michael puts on some body spray, which makes you smell the way these movies make you feel:
Bad Boys
Fast and Furious
11. "The Burrito": The judge is most intrigued with:
Eleanor's pluckiness
Tahani's accept
Chidi's glasses
Jason's necklace
12. "The Burrito": Instead of hot sauce, what does the judge put on her burrito (which is really good on Mexican food)?
13. "Somewhere Else": Chidi kisses Eleanor. She says:
"Papa John's pizza!"
"Hot diggity dog!"
"Shuuuuuuuut up!"
"Walla Walla Washington!"
14. "Somewhere Else": Eleanor admits she bullied this celeb until he quit Instagram:
Whoopi Goldberg
Ryan Lochte
Paris Hilton
Peyton Manning
15. "Somewhere Else": Eleanor, once again getting it before anyone else: I still believe that the only reason that you improved in Michael's fake neighborhood is because you thought there was a reward at the end of the rainbow. You're supposed to good things because you're good! Not because you're seeking__________
A moral unicorn
Moral dessert
Moral tokens
A morality lollipop

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