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How Well Do You Know: The Good Place, Season 2 (Part 1)
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1. "Everything Is Great!": In the first reboot, what change has been put in place?
Eleanor realizes she hates shrimp
Eleanor and company all had different soulmates
Michael has been replaced by Vicky
Janet is blonde
2. "Everything Is Great!": Good Place resident Gunnar is most interested, by, like a lot, in:
3. "Everything Is Great!": When Eleanor first meets Jian-yu, he gives her a sprocket from:
A bicycle
A washing machine
A blender
An antique clock
4. "Everything Is Great!": The sash Eleanor wears at the neighborhood gathering reads:
Top Point-Getter
A Real Winner
Best Person
5. "Everything Is Great!": Chidi, commenting on a particular foodstuff: "It's interesting that __________ is so popular here."
Hawaiian pizza
6. "Everything Is Great!": Vicky wants something to make her stand out, so she adopts:
An eyepatch
A wig
A limp
A comfort monkey
7. "Everything Is Great!": Chris Baker, who poses as Eleanor's new soulmate, longs for his old job in the __________ Department:
8. "Dance Dance Resolution": On Day 2 of attempt #3, ___________ attack the neighborhood:
Mean giraffes
Busty Alexas
Nosy hummingbirds
Jacksonville Jaguars
9. "Dance Dance Resolution": Vicky is pissed at Michael because, among other things, she mastered ___________ that she never got to use:
An Australian accent
An Italian accent
A British accent
A Swedish accent
10. "Team Cockroach": As the gang grills Michael on all the rebooting, Janet gives Jianyu this to play with:
A balloon
An Etch-a-Sketch
A sparkler
A yo-yo
11. "Team Cockroach": When Michael finally shows Tahani how she died, she is horrified to realize she met her demise in:
El Paso
12. "Existential Crisis": Who is most likely responsible for bringing on Michael's existential crisis?
13. "Existential Crisis": The theme of the party that Vicky and company throws for Gunnar is:
Celebrations from Around the World
14. "The Trolley Problem": When Michael theorizes a way to kill all six people during Chidi's introduction of the Trolley Problem, he is forced to write this over and over on a chalkboard:
Torture Is Wrong
People = Good
Humans = Friends
Being Good Is Not a Stupid Waste of Time
15. "The Trolley Problem": When Janet agrees to a joint therapy session with Jason and Tahani, she loses this body part:
A nose
A thumb
An ear
A toe

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