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Dave quiz

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1. Kevin Kline played both President Bill Mitchell and Dave. What was Dave's last name?
The film did not say
2. Dave had what type of business?
Travel agency
Talent agency
Advertising agency
Employment agency
3. Frank Langella gave a great nasty performance as Bob Alexander. What position did Alexander hold in the Mitchell administration?
Chief of Staff
Supreme Court Chief Justice
Secretary of Defense
Secretary of State
4. Dave was surprised by Duane (Ving Rhames) and another Secret Service agent:
In his home
In his car after work
In his office
In a movie theatre bathroom
5. What was the last thing that Bill Mitchell said to Dave?
You make a better me than me
Your country needs you
Never forget who is actually the president
Just get rid of the grin. You look like a schmuck
6. President Mitchell was incapacitated when he had a stroke while gettin' it on with a member of his staff. What Oscar nominated actress had a small role as the object of Mitchell's desire?
Laura Linney
Marsha Gay Harden
Annette Bening
Cate Blanchett
7. As Dave is installed as the President, Vice President Nance is sent:
To an economic summit in Europe
On a diplomatic mission to Russia
To Canada
On a goodwill trip to Africa
8. In one of the signature scenes of the film, Dave controls a giant pair of robotic arms. Where was he when he did this?
A shipping yard
An automobile factory
An airport
A construction site
9. Which of the following real-life political figures does not make a cameo in the film?
Tip O'Neill
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Bob Dole
Ben Stein
10. Dave accompanies the First Lady on a trip involving one of her favorite causes. Where do they go?
A homeless shelter
A public library
An unemployment office
A burn unit
11. Bob Alexander told Dave that if he could find a way to cut ___________ from the federal budget, he could keep the homeless shelters open:
$3 million
$45 million
$650 million
$800 million
12. To help cut the budget, Dave brings in his accountant friend. Played by Charles Grodin, the accountant's name was:
13. Ellen realizes that Dave isn't her husband when she trips him up about:
The names of her family members
His prior political experience
His sports background
His fluency in French
14. Ellen said that she first suspected that Dave wasn't her husband when:
He looked at her legs
He played with a dog on the White House lawn
He was nice to the children at the shelter
She saw him in the shower
15. Stopped by a traffic cop, Dave and Ellen pass themselves off as impersonators of the President and First Lady by singing what show tune?
Old Man River
Shall We Dance?
16. Dave proposes a sweeping program to:
End income tax
End the metric system once and for all
Secure full employment for all Americans
Secure comprehensive health care for all Americans
17. What noted figure makes a cameo in the film, suggesting to Larry King that an impostor has assumed the role of the President?
Oliver Stone
Henry Kissinger
G. Gordon Liddy
Bob Woodward
18. Bob and Alan attempt to pin a scandal on the Vice President - a scandal of which Bob and Bill Mitchell were actually guilty. What type of scandal was it?
A savings & loan scandal
Buying off foreign diplomats
A guns-for-hostages affair
Teapot Dome II
19. Returning from his trip abroad, what did Vice President Nance present to Dave?
Fertility beads, a spear and a hat
A luxury sports car
A pipe, tobacco and a beer stein
A boomerang and a koala bear
20. When Bob Alexander expressed outrage over Dave calling a press conference to announce his new program, Dave:
Has Duane the Secret Service agent remove Bob from the Oval Office
Fires him
Orders him on a trip out of the country
Has him arrested for treason
21. After he is fired by Dave, Bob Alexander attempts to frame Dave for the scandal and:
Orders an assassination attempt
Suggests that he will run for president
Becomes the commissioner of the NFL
Publishes a memoir
22. At the climax of the film, Dave "collapsed" after admitting:
He was not Bill Mitchell
He and Bob Alexander were responsible for the scandal
He had asked the Vice President to resign
The First Lady was an impostor
23. Having driven the real President Mitchell to the hospital, Dave makes his get-away disguised as:
A paramedic
A fireman
A reporter
A Secret Service agent
24. At their parting, Duane says something touching to Dave. What was it?
You've got my vote any day
I would have taken a bullet for you
You are the noblest man to ever be President
I liked you so much more than the other guy
25. At the end of the film, Dave:
Had closed his employment agency
Was marrying Ellen
Was running for city council
Had been hired as an advisor for now-President Nance

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