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How Well Do You Know: You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown
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1. What is the first thing we see Snoopy do?
He bakes a magnificent pancake breakfast
He canvasses the streets for his candidate
He flies in his Sopwith Camel
He dances while Schroeder plays the piano
2. Who does Linus say would make a great student body president?
Charlie Brown
Peppermint Patty
3. Who becomes Charlie Brown's campaign manager?
4. What is the first thing Lucy plans to do as Charlie Brown's campaign manager?
Help him choose the perfect running mate
Make some very sincere signs
Start a smear campaign against the socialist running against him
Take a poll
5. What does Snoopy's sweatshirt say?
Down with the Red Baron!
Joe Cool
No fatties
Pancakes rule!
6. After Lucy's poll proves that Charlie Brown is unelectable, who does Sally suggest as the ideal candidate?
Joe Cool
7. Why (other than the fact that she looooooooooves him) does Sally believe Linus is the ideal candidate for student body president?
Behind every man is a great woman (no, not Lucy)
He has the Great Pumpkin on his side
He'll do something about those lockers nobody can reach
He's pro-blanket
8. Why does the red-headed boy say that he would vote for Linus?
He believes Linus's intelligence and sparkling wordplay are an asset
He's terrified of what Lucy will do if he doesn't
He wants the tax cuts Linus has promised to 95% of the population
Linus once gave him half of a peanut butter sandwich
9. Why does Russell Anderson say that he will not vote for Linus?
Because he's the one running against Linus
Because he doesn't like Lucy's strong-arm tactics
Because he doesn't care about the lockers that are out of reach
Because he doesn't believe Linus's promises to overhaul the entire educational system
10. Who gives the nomination speech for Linus?
Charlie Brown
11. Schroeder says that the candidate whose name he would like to place before the electorate possesses the same unique qualities as those possessed by _____________?
Joe Cool
John F. Kennedy
Miss Othmar
12. As Linus's campaign manager, Lucy names Charlie Brown her assistant. Who does Charlie Brown select as his own assistant?
Peppermint Patty
13. What does Lucy do to gain Linus some additional exposure?
She arranges a stump speech in Tampa, Florida
She gets him a guest spot on Saturday Night Live
She helps him buy a half hour infomercial
She lines up a talk show appearance for him
14. What does Russell Anderson promise to do if he is elected student body president?
Act as a true liaison between students and teachers
The best he can
Eliminate all homework
Give Linus a wedgie
15. Which of the following does Linus not promise to do if he becomes student body president?
To award perfect attendance certificates to all, regardless of sick time
To welcome with open arms any little dog that happens to wander onto the playground
Purge the kingdom
Release us from our spiritual Babylon
16. Why does Linus say that he will be unable to appear before the school board?
Because adults should be adults and children should be children
Because he doesn't agree with their pro-homework stance
Because they are part of the legislative branch while he is part of the administrative branch
Because they meet at 8:00 and he goes to bed at 7:30
17. When interviewed by the school paper, what does Linus say will be his first act as student body president?
To create a commission that examines the necessity of homework
To do something about those lockers nobody can reach
To eliminate sixth grade dances
To meet with the parents club, the principal and all the teachers
18. What does Violet, the reporter, say that she'll print in the newspaper (darned gotcha media)?
That Linus associates with a known enemy of the school in Joe Cool
That Linus is very honored and will do his best if elected
That Linus was not born in the United States and therefore isn't qualified to run
That Linus will meet with the parents club, the principal and all the teachers
19. What does Linus do to put his campaign in jeopardy?
He admits that he's a mere puppet for a Lucy dictatorship
He chooses a beagle as his running mate
He flip-flops and goes pro-homework
He talks about the Great Pumpkin during his final campaign speech
20. Who casts the deciding vote for Linus?
Charlie Brown
Russell Anderson

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