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How Well Do You Know: Film Analogies, SAT Style II
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1. IV:New Hope::
II:The Empire Strikes Back
V:Revenge of the Sith
I:The Phantom Menace
III:The Return of the Jedi
By way of explanation.....
Star Wars franchise episode number:title of film
2. Casino Royale:Daniel Craig ::
Dr. No:George Lazenby
Goldeneye:Pierce Brosnan
Goldfinger:Roger Moore
Live and Let Die:Sean Connery
By way of explanation.....
James Bond film:Bond protrayer in that film
3. Saw:Jigsaw ::
Child's Play:Pinhead
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre:Leatherface
My Bloody Valentine:Michael Myers
Se7en:Kevin Spacey
By way of explanation.....
Film:Homicidal villain featured in it
4. Gozdilla:Tokyo ::
Young Frankenstein:The Monster
The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man:Washington, DC
Cloverfield:New York
By way of explanation.....
Cinematic monster:city it destroyed
5. Born on the Fourth of July:Ron Kovic ::
Pretty Woman:Vivian Ward
The Aviator:Howard Hughes
The Fighter:Rocky Marciano
A Beautiful Mind:Russell Crowe
By way of explanation.....
Biopic:subject of film
6. Danny DeVito:Rhea Pearlman ::
Matthew Broderick:Sarah Jessica Parker
Robert Pattinson:Kristen Stewart
Jimmy Stewart:Grace Kelly
By way of explanation.....
Hollywood husband:Hollywood wife
7. Harry Callahan:San Francisco ::
Popeye Doyle:New York
Axel Foley:Washington, DC
Joe Friday:Detroit
Frank Drebin:Seattle
By way of explanation.....
Cinematic policeman:city in which he worked
8. Garfield:Bill Murray ::
Jessica Rabbit:Kathleen Turner
Shrek:Eddie Murphy
The Smufs:Neil Patrick Harris
King Kong:Peter Jackson
By way of explanation.....
CGI creation:vocal talent behind character
9. Brad Pitt:Tom Skerritt::
Cuba Gooding, Jr:Delroy Lindo
Tom Curise:Tom Skerritt
Orlando Bloom :Ed Harris
Johnny Depp:Keith Richards
By way of explanation.....
Cinematic son:cinematic father (for films A River Runs Through It and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End)
10. Alien:In space, no one can hear you scream::
Freddy vs Jason:Whoever wins...we lose
Cocktail:Cocktails first. Questions later.
The Fly (1986):You'll Believe A Man Can Fly
Jaws II:Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...
By way of explanation.....
11. Book of Secrets:The Quickening::
Red, White & Blonde:Full Throttle
The Blair Witch Project:The Fast and the Furious
Breakin' 2:Electric Bugaloo
Cars 2:Stuart Little
By way of explanation.....
Subtitle of sequels
12. V:Hugo Weaving::
X:Natalie Portman
Q:Desmond Lleywellyn
J:Denzel Washington
N:Keanu Reeves
By way of explanation.....
Single-letter designation for movie character:actor who portrayed him
13. The Road Warrior:Beyond Thunderdome ::
The Two Towers:The Return of the King
A Fistful of Dollars:For a Few Dollars More
By way of explanation.....
Second movie in a trilogy:Third movie in a trilogy
14. Halloween:Rob Zombie::
A Nightmare on Elm Street:Wes Craven
Saw II:Eli Roth
The Hills Have Eyes:Alexandre Aja
The Muppets Take Manhattan:Frank Oz
By way of explanation.....
Horror movie remake:director who helmed remake
15. Patches O'Hoolihan:Dodgeball-A True Underdog Story ::
Rocky:Rocky III
Roy Hobbs:The Natural
Ray Kinsella:Field of Dreams
Normal Dale:Hoosiers
By way of explanation.....
Sports movie coach:Movie he coached in
16. Iron Man:Tony Stark, Jr. ::
Batman:Christian Bale
The Hulk:Edward Norton
Daredevil:Matt Murdock
By way of explanation.....
Cinematic superhero:the man behind the hero
17. The Notebook:Noah & Allie ::
Casablanca:Sam & Ilsa
Beauty And the Beast:Belle & Gaston
Say Anything....:John & Ione
Moulin Rouge!:Christian & Satine
By way of explanation.....
Romantic movie:main love interest in the film
18. Entrapment:New Year's Eve ::
Born of the Fourth of July:Fourth of July
Planes, Trains and Automobiles:Valentine's Day
Do the Right Thing:President's Day
Die Hard:Christmas Eve
By way of explanation.....
Crime film:holiday it centers around
19. Big:Josh Baskin ::
17 Again: Zac Efron
Cast Away:Helen Hunt
Catch Me If You Can:Frank Abagnale Jr.
Saving Private Ryan:Captain Miller
By way of explanation.....
Tom Hanks film:Hanks' role in the film
20. Monsters, Inc:For the Birds ::
Toy Story 2:Toy Story 3
Lifted:Mike's New Car
One Man Band:Up
By way of explanation.....
Pixar feature:Pixar short that ran before it

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