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How Well Do You Know: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 12
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1. "The Gang Turns Black": Dennis, Mac and Charlie are first arrested while trying to do this.
cash a check at the bank
break into Dennis's locked car
order a drink at a competing bar
cross the street
2. "The Gang Turns Black": The police shoot Charlie after assuming he's holding a gun. What is he actually holding in his hand?
a toy train
a pack of bubble gum
his backpack
oh, he was holding a gun
3. "The Gang Goes to a Water Park": What does Frank do in order to cut lines at the water park?
tazes kids who are in his way
bribes the water park employees
announces he has AIDS
calls in a bomb threat
4. "The Gang Goes to a Water Park": How do Mac and Dee escape the kiddie ride they've been stuck in for hours?
they break the ride and tumble out
they steam for help until an employee hears them
they get a child to chew through Mac's wristband
they form a human chain with the kids still waiting to ride
5. "Old Lady House: A Situation Comedy": Dennis is trying to make Frank and Uncle Jack part of a love triangle on the "show". Why is this idea ill-advised?
Frank only has eyes for Mac's mom
Charlie wants his mother to be alone forever
Uncle Jack and Charlie's mother are brother and sister
Mac threatens to tell everyone about the cameras if there's any sex or romance on screen
6. "Old Lady House: A Situation Comedy": What happens to Dee when she tries to become a part of the "show"?
she gets her head stuck in the bannister
Mac's mother pushes her down the stairs
she gets locked in the bathroom while Frank and Charlie's mother are having sex in the shower
she becomes the household maid
7. "Wolf Cola: A Public Relations Nightmare": Why do UFC fighters love Fight Milk?
it's a very cost effective way to bulk up
they don't - they buy it so nobody else will be subjected to it
it's the only supplement that passes tests as "clean"
it makes them violently ill, allowing them to make weigh-in
8. "Wolf Cola: A Public Relations Nightmare": Dennis's "apology" regarding Wolf Cola and Boko Haram goes awry when he does this on air.
admits to hating dogs
curses at the host
makes a pass at the (married) female meteorologist
9. "Making Dennis Reynolds a Murderer": What movie do Mac and Dennis admit to watching in a Mystery Science Theater 3000-sort of way?
Fight Club
Operation Dumbo Drop
Space Jam
The Little Mermaid
10. "Making Dennis Reynolds a Murderer": What did Dee require in order to be interviewed for the documentary?
she wanted to play Maureen Ponderosa in the re-enactments
she wanted to have sex with the director
she wanted her name included in the credits
she demanded monetary compensation
11. "Hero or Hate Crime?": What does Charlie do in order to cover up the fact he's been smoking with Dee?
says an entire bottle of cologne on himself
burns his clothes
chews some gum
steps in dog poop
12. "Hero or Hate Crime?": Mac becomes the owner of the lottery ticket after doing this.
proposing to Dee
guessing the number the arbitrator was thinking of
beating Frank in an arm wrestling match
coming out of the closet
13. "PTSDee": Dennis decides to become a stripper. His persona is that of a father, as he thinks all women secretly want to sleep with their fathers. Who does Charlie think all women secretly want to sleep with?
race car drivers
a homeless person
14. "PTSDee": Dee puts a plan into motion that ruins the life of a man she recently had sex with. Why did Dee decide to ruin his life?
he said sleeping with her was hitting "rock bottom" for him
he doeesn't remember he had already slept with her years ago
he called her by the wrong name
eh, she had nothing better to do
15. "The Gang Tends Bar": Charlie spends the episode jealous of "Jerry". Who or what is "Jerry"?
the waitress's new boyfriend
Frank's intestinal worm
his brother
a dead dog in the alley behind the bar
16. "The Gang Tends Bar": What was in the mystery crate in back of the bar?
a rocket launcher
a dead body
contraband cigars
a kitten
By way of explanation.....
a gift to Dennis from Mac
17. "A Cricket's Tale": Dennis and Charlie call Cricket at his father's company. How did they know that Cricket was there?
he's actually at the bar - he's just hallucinating that he's somewhere else
they followed him
Crockery forgot he told them where he was going to be
they put a tracking device in him
18. "A Cricket's Tale": Cricket makes a love connection with "Belle". Unfortunately, Belle is not a coworker at the company. Who is she?
a prostitute
a dog
a toy doll
Cricket's sister
19. "Dennis' Double Life": Charlie gets the bright idea to have a baby with the waitress. He loses interest in this idea, though, after this happens.
he accidentally tazes her
she brings Frank along for a threesome
they have sex
she starts talking about how much babies cost
20. "Dennis' Double Life": What does the rest of the gang do after Dennis leaves to be with his son?
blows up his truck with the rocket launcher
sells his shares in Paddy's on eBay
calls the police, framing Dennis for robbery
handcuffs him to his bed, refusing to allow him to leave

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