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How Well Do You Know: It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
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The Peanuts kids were all about bad hair days.

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15 out of 15! I wasn't sure about the first two characters to appear but I got it right!
pat1066 10/26/13 7:23 pm


1. Who are the first characters to appear?
Linus & Lucy
Linus & Sally
Linus & Snoopy
Lucy & Schroeder
2. What does Linus do after Snoopy helps Charlie Brown to arrange the leaves in a pile?
He asks Snoopy why he's always doing man's bidding
He blathers on about the Great Pumpkin
He jumps into the pile
He waxes poetic about the delicacy of trees
3. To what is Charlie Brown referring when he says, 'I don't mind your dishonesty half as much as I mind your opinion of me.'
The fact that Linus says he tripped into the pile of leaves
The fact that Lucy believes she can pull the ol' football trick again
The fact that Sally thinks she can steal all of Charlie Brown's candy
The fact that Snoopy is trying to convince the world he's a great WWI flying ace
4. Why can Charlie Brown trust Lucy to hold the football this time?
Her face looks like someone you can trust
Linus and Sally will be watching and she doesn't want to look mean in front of them
She provides him a signed document testifying that she won't pull the football away
Schroeder will be watching and she doesn't want to look mean in front of him
5. What is the peculiar thing about Lucy's signed document?
It doesn't actually say anything about football at all
It doesn't bear her actual signature
It wasn't ever notarized
It's written in invisible ink
6. Who is Linus writing to?
The Great Pumpkin
Santa Claus
The President
The Tooth Fairy
7. What has Linus learned never to discuss with people?
The Great Pumpkin
All of the above
8. What causes Charlie Brown to dance with joy?
He gets an invitation to a Halloween party
Linus gets him all excited about the Great Pumpkin
He's following Snoopy's lead
The little red-haired girl smiles at him
9. Which character dons a witch mask, stating that one's costume should always portray a contrast to their personality?
Charlie Brown
10. Why does Linus believe that the Great Pumpkin will visit him?
Linus has been very good this year
Linus has the most sincere pumpkin patch, and the Great Pumpkin respects sincerity
Linus has persevered through Lucy's taunts
Linus thinks the Great Pumpkin is better than Santa
11. Who stays behind in the pumpkin patch with Linus after the other kids go trick-or-treating and to Violet's party?
Charlie Brown
12. What do people keep tossing in Charlie Brown's trick-or-treat bag?
A candy bar
Candy cigarettes (hey, it was the '60s)
A rock
A stupid healthy apple
13. What is the mission of the World War I Flying Ace?
To arrive at Tipperary
To drink as much root beer as possible
To find the Red Baron and shoot him down
To get all the best candy for himself
14. Why do Lucy, Violet and Patty select Charlie Brown to be their model?
He has classic facial features
He'll be covered with a sheet anyway
His round head is perfect to test out their pumpkin design
His stylish attire is the envy of all
15. What rose out of the pumpkin patch instead of the Great Pumpkin?
A beagle
A bunch of kids
A ghost
A witch

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