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How Well Do You Know: 2017: The Year in Movies, Part 2
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1. Introduced late in the year, this studio's MoviesAnywhere platform looks to re-shuffle the video-streaming apple cart. Or something like that.
2. The world is full of history. This important event serves as a backdrop to the righteous asskicking delivered in Atomic Blonde:
Fall of the Berlin Wall
Wedding of Charles and Diana
Bay of Pigs invasion
The Beatles' coming to America
3. Logan features everyone's favorite Wolverine, along with other notable figure from the X-Men films:
Hank Pym
Jean Grey
Charles Xavier
Kurt Wagner
4. This Olympian was the subject of a 2017 biopic:
Jesse Owens
Michael Phelps
Carl Lewis
Tonya Harding
5. Break out your Autobot countin' fingers. Transformers: The Last Knight was the ______ installment in the live-action explosion-y Transformers series:
6. Chris Hemsworth will think less of you if you can't correctly spell the subtitle of the new Thor film:
7. Say hey to your #1 world-wide box office champion:
Guardians of the Galaxy 2
Beauty and the Beast
The Fate of the Furious
Spider-Man: Homecoming
8. Kong: Skull Island takes ye olde cinematic monster and sets the action immediately following this war:
Persian Gulf War
Korean War
Vietnam War
World War II
9. Dark Universe? More like Dork Universe. This studio's plan to use 2017's The Mummy to launch its Dark Universe cinematic franchise went ker-splat when the Tom Cruise film face-planted at theaters: Mummy
20th Century Fox
10. There's been an apparent murder at Wind River. Quick, call Jeremy Renner, and send him to this type of place, which Wind River is:
Nature preserve
Native American reservation
Theme park
11. For a few days, the release of Wonder Woman united the world in a blanket of good feelings regarding the DC Cinematic Universe and the contributions of women in film. Then, this director opened his mouth and ruined the whole thing:
Peter Jackson
David Fincher
James Cameron
Mel Gibson
12. James Franco's pet project The Disaster Artist takes a look at the making of this man's trainwreck The Room:
Travis Zariwny
Alexandre Aja
Tommy Wiseau
Noel Clarke
13. If you're just trying to date an Earth girl, but are a boy who grew up ____________, then you can probably relate to the events in The Space Between Us:
On Mars
On the moon
On an asteroid
On a space station
14. He played The Beast to Emma Watson's Belle:
Tom Holland
Dan Stevens
Jonny Lee Miller
Ben Foster
15. A mess of a movie despite the presence of Anna Kendrick, Table 19 deals with people seated together at Table 19 at a:
Retirement party
Fancy restaurant on opening night
New Year's Eve party
16. America - land of the free, home of the brave, easily one of the top 35-40 countries in the world. In 2017 movies, these words came after "American" in movie titles:
Warrior and Assassin
Made and Assassin
Thanksgiving and Made
Warrior and Thanksgiving
17. If you look in this film's castlist, you'll find such creatively named characters as Oldest Son, Youngest Brother, Man, Woman and Him:
Lady Bird
A Dog's Purpose
18. The 48-minute short which was attached to Coco - and which pissed evvvvverybody off - featured this character:
Buzz Lightyear
Mike Wazowski
19. Sure to be a favorite come Oscar time, The Post refer's to this city's Post:
Washington, DC
New York
20. The Split in Split refers to split:

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