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How Well Do You Know: Vietnam War Movies
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1. John Wayne’s 1968 pro-Vietnam War film was titled after what elite group of US servicemen?
The Navy Seals
The US Army Rangers
The Green Berets
Tiger Force
2. The 1972 documentary Winter Soldier filmed the Winter Soldier Investigation. US service members testified to war crimes they had witnessed or participated in. What future US politician gave testimony that was in the documentary?
Albert Gore Jr.
John Kerry
George W. Bush
Donald J. Trump
3. Which Vietnam themed movie was the first to win the Academy Award for Best Picture?
The Deer Hunter
Coming Home
Apocalypse Now
4. Which of following movies featuring Vietnam combat sequences did not win the Academy Award for Best Picture?
The Deer Hunter
Forrest Gump
Apocalypse Now
5. The following movies were all released in 1978. Which one featured Craig Wasson (of 2006’s Sasquatch Mountain fame) playing a pro-Vietnam war soldier who is the only one to survive a fight with the Viet Cong at the end of the film?
The Deer Hunter
Coming Home
The Boys in Company C
Go Tell The Spartans
6. The following films were all released in 1978. Which one featured Craig Wasson (of 2006’s Sasquatch Mountain fame) playing a draft dodger, forced by the FBI into the military, who participates in a soccer game which they are told to throw to the South Vietnamese to bolster their morale or get sent to Khe Sanh, and they win it anyways?
The Deer Hunter
Coming Home
The Boys in Company C
Go Tell The Spartans
7. The film Apocalypse Now is based upon a novella from which turn of the century British writer?
Joseph Conrad
Thomas Hardy
Rudyard Kipling
Arthur Conan Doyle
8. Apocalypse Now had many memorable scenes and lines, but perhaps none more so than Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore bellowing “Charlie don’t surf!”. Who played Kilgore?
Marlon Brando
Martin Sheen
Harrison Ford
Robert Duvall
9. In Apocalypse Now, Harrison Ford’s character was given a name based on one of Francis Ford Coppola’s fellow 1970s directors. What was Harrison Ford’s character’s name?
Sargeant M. Scorsese
Colonel. G. Lucas
Colonel S. Kubrick
Captain M. Cimino
10. In Apocalypse Now, R. Lee Ermey appeared as a First Air Cavalry chopper pilot. Which Vietnam war film won R. Lee Ermey a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor?
The Boys in Company C
Purple Hearts
Full Metal Jacket
The Siege of Firebase Gloria
11. In 1982’s First Blood, a troubled Vietnam War veteran suffers abuse at the hands of a small town’s sheriff’s department. What was the veteran’s name in the film?
John Rambo
Walter Kurtz
Chris Taylor
James Davis
12. Chuck Norris had a three Vietnam War film franchise in the 1980s. What was the name of Chuck’s franchise?
Uncommon Valor
Good Guys Wear Black
Missing In Action
13. Oliver Stone achieved widespread fame and won the Academy Award for Best Director for 1986’s Platoon. What was Stone’s actual experience with the Vietnam War?
By the time he turned 26 in January 1967 and was no longer eligible for the draft, he had asked for and received five deferments, four because he was a student and one for being a new father.
He served in the Texas Air National Guard with controversy as to why he lost his flight status, and whether he fulfilled the requirements of his military service contract.
He enlisted in the United States Army and requested combat duty in Vietnam. For his service, his military awards include the Bronze Star with "V" Device for heroism, the Purple Heart with Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster to denote two awards, the Air Medal, the Army Commendation Medal, and others
He received four educational deferments and a coveted 1-Y medical deferment for bone spurs which he now says have healed up on their own.
By way of explanation.....
Fun fact: a) is Dick Cheney; b) is George W. Bush; d) is Donald Trump.
14. Reportedly Oliver Stone considered an actor for the lead role of Chris Taylor. But the actor was unknown and supposedly too young for the part even though he is two years older than Charlie Sheen. So he gave the actor the part of Private Lerner. Which one of these actors who are two years older than Charlie Sheen played Lerner?
Johnny Depp
Brad Pitt
Jerome Flynn
David Thewlis
15. In Platoon, at the end of the film, which actor is given command of Second Platoon?
Charlie Sheen
John C. McGinley
Kevin Dillon
Forest Whitaker
16. Which actor in Full Metal Jacket broke Robert DeNiro’s Raging Bull record for most weight gained for a role by gaining 70 pounds?
Matthew Modine
Vincent D’Onofrio
Adam Baldwin
Dorian Harewood
17. The last half of Full Metal Jacket is set during what real battle in Vietnam?
Battle of Ia Drang
Battle of Khe Sanh
Battle of Dien Bien Phu
Battle of Hue
18. Forrest Gump receives a “million dollar wound”. “Million dollar wounds” are also referenced in several other Vietnam War films. What is a “million dollar wound”?
A wound so bad the US Government pays you a million dollars
When a bullet is fired at groin level but it hits your ass instead of your junk
A wound serious enough to get you sent away from fighting but is not fatal, nor will it leave you seriously crippled.
A wound causing brain damage, one you’d pay a million dollars to avoid
19. The Battle of Ia Drang, the first major engagement fought between the US Army and the North Vietnamese Army was detailed in what film?
Full Metal Jacket
Hamburger Hill
The Killing Fields
We Were Soldiers
20. What song from the Good Morning Vietnam soundtrack was re-released after the film came out and reached #32 on the Top 40 twenty years after it was originally released?
"Nowhere to Run"
"Game of Love"
"The Warmth Of The Sun"
"What A Wonderful World"

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