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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S07E05: Eastwatch
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Aw, Jon has a Toothless.

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1. ______________ is where Bronn and Jaime's partnership ends.
Unpaid debts
2. Let's pour out a 40 for Randyll and Dickon, father and brother of...
Dolorous Edd
Samwell Tarly
Ser Davos
3. How does Daenerys execute the Tarly father/son duo?
She has them drawn and quartered
She changes her mind and decides to imprison them on Tyrion's advice
4. Not only does Jaime have to tell Cersei that their army was slaughtered by Daenerys's Dothraki army and her dragon, but also...
That Gendry is alive
That Jaime is planning to leave and go to the North to meet Jon Snow
That Lady Olenna was responsible for Joffrey's murder, not Tyrion
That Bronn is defecting
5. In a delightful How to Train Your Dragon-esque moment, Drogon allows this person to pet his nose.
Jon Snow
Ser Jorah Mormont
By way of explanation.....
He can smell the Targaryen
6. Reunited and it feels so good! The Dothraki bring Daenerys someone who claims to know her (and who makes Jon Snow JEALOUS). Who is it?
Daario Naharis
Ser Jorah Mormont
7. What does Archmaester Marwyn think is more likely than a crippled boy seeing an army of white walkers through the eyes of a three-eyed raven?
Cersei is a white walker herself
The dragon queen is trying to lure Southern armies to the north
Sam is making up stories
Snow Madness is causing people in the north to go insane
8. What does Tyrion propose as a means of convincing Cersei to agree to a ceasefire?
Bring her a White Walker
Give her a dragon
Give her lots of gold
Return Casterly Rock to her family
9. Sansa: I'm sure _______________________________ is very satisfying...
Arguing with me
Cutting off heads
Having your own living direwolf
Sparring with Brienne
10. Why won't Jaime be swinging his sword at Bronn?
Because Bronn just saved his life
Because Cersei said not to
Because Jaime's gold hand came dislodged in the water and he's lost his balance
Because Tyrion is in the passageway
11. Ser Davos thought Gendry might still be...
Hiding in the crags and caves of Dragonstone
In the Iron Islands
12. How many gold dragons does Ser Davos have to use as a bribe for the soldiers?
15 apiece
13. Cersei has a surprise for Jaime. What is it?
A kitten
She is marrying Euron in a week
She's pregnant with his child
She was able to keep some of the gold they recovered from Highgarden
14. What does Tyrion give to Ser Jorah?
A kitten
His Hand of the Queen pin
The coin that their one-time slaver had given to him
Some dragonglass
By way of explanation.....
Why doesn't anyone give each other kittens anymore? RIP Tommen!
15. 15,782
Steps in the citadel
Wndows in the great Sept of Baelor
Bowel movements
16. Gilly inadvertently discovers that...
Cersei is pregnant
Jon Snow is the legitimate son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark
Archmaester Marwyn has a son
White Walkers can be cured
By way of explanation.....
Alas, Sam doesn't really want to listen at this point.
17. Seven men will go out beyond the wall to try to capture a White Walker. Which of the following men will NOT be accompanying them?
Beric Dondarrion
The Hound
Ser Davos
Tormund Giantsbane
By way of explanation.....
He's a liability.

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