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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S07E04: The Spoils of War
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1. Even though Jaime has given him a lot of money, Bronn is still disappointed because what he really wants is...
A castle
A pony
Cersei's hand in marriage
Some beer
2. Littlefinger gives a present to Bran. What is it?
A direwolf
A kitten
The knife that an assassin used to try to kill Bran when he was a boy
A nice new tree to sit underneath
3. What words from a previous Littlefinger conversation with Varys does Bran quote back to Littlefinger?
Chaos is a ladder
I drink and I know things
Little Birds mean nothing
Winter is never coming
4. Meera and Bran part ways. When she calls him "Bran," he replies...
Check out my new wheels
Go away
I hate that name
I'm not, really
By way of explanation.....
Bran's kind of a douche these days
5. What are the first words Arya says to Sansa when they reunite?
Do I have to call you Lady Stark now?
I have a list to attend to.
I told you Joffrey was a monster.
That's not you.
6. What does Sansa do when Arya mentions her list of people she's going to kill?
Asks if Littlefinger is on the list
Calls for the guards
Turns around and walks away, leaving Arya alone
7. Sansa pretty quickly learns that Arya's list is no joke when Bran reveals...
Arya has managed to kill the majority of the people on her list
Cersei is on Arya's list of names
He also has a list
It's on a piece of paper in Arya's pocket and Sansa should take a look.
8. What does Bran give to Arya?
A kitten
A necklace left behind by Hodor
A tuft of fur from Nymeria
The Valyrian steel dagger that Littlefinger had given him earlier
9. What's Missandei's euphemism for sex?
Hiding the dragon
Fire from the sky
Many things
So sullied
By way of explanation.....
"What happened?" "Many things."
10. What does Jon Snow show to Daenerys that proves his story about the White Walkers is true?
A book that he found while digging for Dragonglass
Cave drawings left by the Children of the Forest
His Valyrian steel sword
A message from a Raven sent by Sam Tarly
11. Daenerys tells Jon Snow that she will fight for him and the North when...
He bends the knee
He brings her the head of Cersei Lannister
They do "many things" together
The snow pushes further south
12. Why does Arya want to train with Brienne?
She beat the Hound
She beat Podrick
She's 19 feet tall
She thinks Catelyn would have wanted it.
13. "Who taught you to do that?" Brienne asks Arya. Arya replies...
"My dancing teacher."
"The Hound."
"My father."
"No one."
14. What does Jon Snow do when he sees Theon Greyjoy?
Asks Theon for the money the Greyjoys owe the Starks
Embraces him
Ignores him
Tells him the only reason he doesn't kill Theon on the spot is because Theon saved Sansa
15. Rickon?
No, he didn't make it.
By way of explanation.....
If you remember this one, it's because you laughed with Bronn.
16. Which army wipes out Jaime's?
The Dothraki
Euron's men
The Golden Men
The Unsullied
17. What does Drogon destroy with his fire breath?
The gold
The grain and food stores
King's Landing
18. Who wounds Drogon?
Randyll Tarly
19. Who saves Daenerys from Jaime?
Grey Worm
20. Who saves Jaime from Drogon?
The Hound

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