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How Well Do You Know: Catch Me If You Can
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1. Frank Abagnale, Jr. is introduced in the movie as he appears on this game show:
The Price Is Right
To Tell the Truth
Family Feud
$25,000 Pyramid
2. Frank and Carl Hanratty first appear together in the film at:
Frank's mother's house
In LaGuardia airport
In an empty parking lot
In a prison in France
3. Frank's father is fond of a parable concerning these creatures:
4. Frank Sr. first tries the scam involving a necklace that "must have slipped right off your neck" on a woman that works at a:
Car dealership
Clothing store
5. Frank's father has continuing trouble with this government agency:
Secret Service
Postal department
6. At his new school, Frank impersonates a ________ for an entire week:
Swimming coach
Vice principal
Substitute teacher
7. This event prompts Frank to run away from home:
His mother hitting him
His father getting arrested
Frank crashing his father's car into the apartment garage
His parents getting a divorce
8. Frank Sr. runs this type of store, which he eventually has to close:
Auto parts
Sporting goods
9. Frank first gets helpful information about being pilot by posing as a:
High school paper reporter
Regional supervisor
Stewardess escort
10. Frank successfully infiltrates this airline:
Pan Am
11. CMIYC audiences learned this term for the practice of ferrying a pilot to a destination on a flight for which he doesn't fly:
12. This is by far the best date I have ever been onFrank mentions this to a stewardess he beds. Which actress, that became famous for a TV role, plays Frank's first romantic encounter?
Jenna Fischer
Katherine Heigl
Jennifer Garner
Ellen Pompeo
13. The film also helpfully teaches us that the system for encoding the routing numbers at the bottom of checks is called:
14. Buys for his father:
A new Cadillac
A new house
Lifetime travel on the airline
A racehorse
15. Frank has a close encounter with Carl. Frank poses as a government agent, and tells Carl that he has arrested "Frank," who is actually a:
Grocery delivery man
Blind man
Hotel manager
Bus driver
16. Frank evades Carl after winning Carl's trust by:
Giving Carl his real address
Introducing Carl to his "partner"
Giving Carl his "wallet"
Giving Carl his "gun"
17. Carl eventually realizes that many of Frank's pseudonyms are names of:
Comic book characters
Dickens characters
Sports heroes
World leaders
18. Frank doesn't mind at all when the press dubs him the "_____ of the Sky":
Long John Silver
Errol Flynn
James Bond
19. Frank completely defrauds a call girl, whose encounter with Frank begins by her asking him about this inexpensive item:
A handkerchief
Playing cards
A shot glass
20. Carl and Frank always seem to be talking on this special occasion:
New Year's Day
Carl's birthday
Fourth of July
21. Frank meets his future fiance Brenda when he gets a job at a hospital as a/n:
Trauma surgeon
Pediatric doctor
Emergency room supervisor
Ambulance orderly
22. Between their meeting and their engagement, Brenda gets this cosmetic procedure done:
She gets her breasts enhanced
She gets her braces removed
She gets her hair colored
She gets her eyebrows waxed
23. Frank's claim that he also went to this law school almost exposes him, as Brenda's father also studied there:
Notre Dame
24. Once he catches Frank, Carl keeps asking this one question:
If it was all worth it
Exactly how much money Frank stole
How Frank passed the bar
If Frank can really fly a plane
25. Frank's first day in court is someone odd, in that:
He addresses a jury that doesn't exist
He met the presiding judge at his hospital
He goes to the wrong courtroom
He realizes Carl is watching Frank's trial
26. Before his wedding, Frank calls Carl asking him to:
Stop chasing him
Take it easy on his father
Come to his wedding
Catch him before he retires
27. On Frank's wedding day, Carl and the FBI tries to arrest Frank at:
The church before the wedding
Brenda's father's house
The airport
The church after the wedding
28. Frank is able to elude Carl and the rest of the FBI in this city's airport as he surrounds himself with prospective stewardesses:
St. Louis
29. Carl is able to apprehend Frank in France, aided by the recollection of the town where they didn't have this American brand:
Sara Lee
30. On his extradition flight back to the US, Frank escapes the plane through the:
Galley dumbwaiter
First class cabin

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