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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S07E03: The Queen's Justice
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1. Upon arriving at Dragonstone, Jon Snow and Ser Davos are asked to...
Hand over their weapons
Hide from the dragons
Kiss the ground
2. After they hand over their weapons, what action do the Dothraki take that gives Jon and Ser Davos cause for alarm.
They block the path up to the castle
They kill a horse
They pray to the R'hllor
They take their boat away
3. Melisandre chooses to leave rather than greet Jon Snow and Ser Davos (who more or less threatened her with death if they saw her again). Where will she go?
Winterfell (she figures with Jon gone, she can return to influence Sansa)
4. Before she leaves, Melisandre offers Varys a parting shot. What is her prophecy?
Gendry is the one true king
She will die in Westeros, just as Varys will
White Walkers will be at Dragonstone within a fortnight
Wolves will rule the world
5. What does perpetuity mean?
An old, old wooden ship that was used during the War of the Five Kings
6. Ser Davos almost reveals to Daenerys and company that Jon Snow...
Has dragonscale
Has some giants that could defeat the dragons
Is actually a Targaryen
7. Cersei agrees to marry Euron Greyjoy, but only...
If he brings her the head of Tyrion
If he marries Jaime, too
If they abstain from "relations"
When the war is won
8. How does Tyene Sand meet her death?
Her skull is crushed by the Mountain
Euron beheads her
Jaime gives her a poisoned drink
A poisoned kiss from Cersei
9. Before she leaves Ellaria and Tyene's cell, what instruction does Cersei give?
Don't allow either prisoner to eat
The guards should change the torches every couple of hours
If Ser Gregor comes to visit, let him in
Prepare the women for a walk of shame
10. Cersei has another visitor besides Euron. Where does this one hail from?
11. Back at the Wall, what did Tyrion call the White Walkers?
The greatest threat Westeros has ever faced
Grumkins and Snarks
Made up stories to scare children
Scary sons of bitches
12. Reunion time! Which pair of siblings is finally reunited?
Arya and Sansa
Bran and Sansa
Theon and Yara
Tyrion and Jaime
13. Now that Ser Jorah is cured, where will he go?
King's Landing
By way of explanation.....
Wherever Daenerys may be, that's where he's headed
14. Besides paper (of course), what else do paper mites like?
Long, slow munching of vinyards
15. Before she dies, Lady Olenna offers a parting shot for the ages. What does she reveal to Jaime?
That Cersei slept with their cousin
That Margaery would have married Jaime if given the chance
That she was responsible for Joffrey's death
That Bronn will turn on Jaime for money

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