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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S07E01: Dragonstone
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1. In the opening scene, a *lot* of Freys are murdered. Who does Arya spare?
Black Walder
Walda Frey
Walder's wife, Kitty
2. How does Bran convince Dolorous Edd to allow him and Meera past the wall?
He gives Edd a note from Benjen Stark
He mentions Hardhome and the Night King
He tells them Jon Snow's wolf is named Ghost
He wargs into Edd's body for a moment
3. New King of the North Jon Snow tells his subjects that they need to be drilling for what substance?
Valyrian diamonds
4. Where does Jon Snow predict that the White Walkers and the Night King will try to infiltrate the Wall?
Deep Lake
5. A raven arrives at Winterfell. Who is it from?
Dolorous Edd
Lady Olenna
By way of explanation.....
Let's just say that these are not glad tidings.
6. Who has arrived to propose marriage to Cersei?
Euron Greyjoy
Theon Greyjoy
Yara Greyjoy
Jaime Lannister
7. After Brienne punches Pod and throws him to the ground, what does Tormund Giantsbane say?
"Good night to you!"
"Men beyond the wall. Wusses."
"What a beautiful... er, swing."
"You're a lucky man."
8. When Arya meets some Lannister soldiers, what does she tell them she's headed to King's Landing to do?
Find her dance teacher
Find work in the government
Kill the Queen
Meet her family
By way of explanation.....
Truth is stranger than fiction! Ha ha!
9. Why is the Hound always in a bad mood?
He misses Arya
His scars pain him
Just looking at fire gives him a panic attack
10. What does the Hound see in the fire?
A beer
His future wife
White Walkers
11. What does Sam discover in one of the books from the "restricted" area?
An ancient rite designed to fortify the Wall from the White Walkers
The Baratheon family history
There is a bunch of dragonglass buried at Dragonstone
The accelerated path to becoming a Maester
12. Who is being treated for an illness in the place where Sam serves?
Ser Jorah Mormont
Syrio Forel
13. Where does Danaerys first land when she returns to the Seven Kingdoms?
King's Landing
14. What's one of Daenerys's first actions upon entering the castle of Dragonstone?
Finds food for her dragons
Gets naked
Pulls down a Baratheon banner
Sits on the throne
15. What are Daenerys's ominous words that close the episode?
All will bend the knee before winter ends
I want that woman's head on a pike
Shall we begin?
We should lead with the dragons

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