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How Well Do You Know: Resident Evil: Extinction
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1. Who dies in the first scene of the movie?
A clone of Alice
2. How many Alice clones are in the desert graveyard?
Too many to count
3. Why does Alice go to KLKB?
She broadcasts a message to Carlos Olivera.
She overhears a distress call from the station.
She wants to inform Terri Morales' family of her death.
She was not the lucky tenth caller and she wants to make someone pay for that.
4. Eddie tries to...avail himself of the flesh of Alice. What does she do in retaliation?
Feeds him (well, leaves him) to the zombie dogs.
Kicks him to death.
Shoots him through the ear.
Shoots him through the eye.
5. What is the correct order of Alice's first few bouts of slay-age?
Humans, zombie dogs, zombies
Zombies, humans, zombie dogs
Zombie dogs, humans, zombies
Zombie dogs, zombies, humans
6. Where is L.J. when he gets infected?
Casino floor
Hotel room
7. Sure, L.J. is doomed, but he at least gets a girlfriend first. Who is it?
8. The zombie Dr. Sam Isaacs is studying does something humanistic. What is it?
Opens his wallet
Plays with a Rubik's Cube
Takes a picture with a digital camera
Well, it's something a boy does when he reaches a certain age and buys certain magazines and videos
9. In their emergency messages, how is the traveling group identified?
Carlos Olivera's Clan
Claire Redfield's Convoy
L.J.'s Missionaries
Zombies Anonymous
10. Alice shows off her newest talent while alone in the desert. What is it?
Well, she takes a ping pong ball and...
11. Claire Redfield's Convoy (did you get it right?) faces a new terror in the desert. What is it?
Fast Zombies a la 28 Days Later (but not legally actionably similar ones)
Zombie coyotes
Zombie crows
Zombie parrots...okay, it's not this one but keep the idea in mind for Resident Evil 4, folks.
12. During the desert attack, the bus is revealed to have what unexpected device mounted on the roof?
Flame Thrower
Gun Turret
Plasma Television
Rocket Launcher
13. Who gets crow-mauled to death on the bus?
14. How does Alice save the day?
She crushes the birds using her newfound telekinesis.
She drowns the birds using her newfound telekinesis.
She torches the birds using her newfound telekinesis.
She lightning strikes the birds using her newfound telekinesis.
15. Alice informs the others that there is a human encampment where?
16. In order to be re-supplied for their journey to the new encampment, the members of the convoy need new supplies. Where do they go to get them?
East St. Louis
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
New York City
17. Dr. Wesker has a crate shipped to Las Vegas. What are its contents?
The tracking device that triggers Alice.
The tracking device that triggers White Queen.
Super zombies aka Crimson Heads. Lots of them.
Zombie dogs. Lots of them.
18. Why does Alice stop fighting?
Dr. Isaacs freezes her via satellite.
She blacks out in the middle of the fight.
White Queen freezes her via satellite.
She needed more inspirational Survivor music like Rocky gets when he's down in the dumps.
19. Which of these people does not die during the Great Vegas Super Zombie Showdown?
20. Who gets bitten and infected by a zombie during the Great Vegas Super Zombie Showdown?
21. Who attacks Dr. Isaacs as he jumps on the helicopter?
A random Crimson Head zombie
22. What is Carlos Olivera's last living act?
He kisses Alice. Get your lips off my woman, jacktard!
He lights the dynamite.
He smokes a cigarette
He spits at a zombie..
23. What is the ultimate cure to the T-Virus?
Alice's blood
Dr. Isaac's mutated Tyrant blood
Wesker's blood
A box office bomb
24. Dr. Isaacs' death parallels which previous death in the first two films?
The elevator woman's decapitation.
J.D.'s zombie buffet
Licker's big kaboom.
One's laser slice n dice.
25. What warning does Alice give Wesker at the end of the movie?
"Do you know what Alaska has? 30 days of night."
"I'm gonna be bringing a few of my friends."
"I'm gonna infect you myself."
"There are a lot more of me than there are of you."

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