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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S05E22: A House Is Not a Home
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1. Lorelai has an awkward conversation with _______ while waiting for Rory to be released from her holding cell at the jail.
Mitchum Huntzberger
Colin and Finn
Emily and Richard
2. Taylor confronts Lorelai over where she's parked on the street. What's going on in town that has him so concerned about the street being clear?
a bike race is going through Stars Hollow
street sweepers will be coming through at midnight
the town is party of a marathon's route and water stations need to be set up
a parade is being held to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of Stars Hollow
3. Lorelai starts freaking out while telling Luke about the events of the night. What does she decide she urgently needs from the store?
hand soap
fabric softener
dental floss
4. Rory is concerned that Emily and Richard may find out about the arrest. What reminded her of this?
Lorelai mentions needing to look for a lawyer
Lorelai talks about the previous Friday night dinner
Lorelai reminds Rory that the Gilmore money may help her avoid any charges
Emily calls the house to see if Rory is "feeling better"
5. How does Logan discover that Rory had an upsetting conversation with his father about her future in journalism?
Mitchum tells Logan about it when picking him up from the jail
he calls the house to talk to Rory and speaks to Lorelai instead
Paris hounds Rory, forcing her to admit in front of Logan what happened
Rory starts crying about it over the phone
6. The bikers are yelling something as they cycle by the diner, and it's driving Luke insane. What are they yelling?
"big hole!"
watch out!"
"good luck!"
"narrow road!"
7. Lane calls an emergency band meeting. What does she want to discuss?
her desire to move out and live on her own
whether they need to bring in another roommate in order to make rent
whether they should play at a local fair
whether the band is breaking up
8. Rory is lost in thought while doing something important - what?
taking a final exam back at Yale
packing up her room at Yale
helping Paris study for her finals
writing an article for the Yale Daily News
9. Luke shows up at the inn to do some emergency handiwork and is thrown off guard when he discovers this piece of information.
the inn is in danger of being foreclosed on
Lorelai had a meeting with a man whose company wants to buy the inn
Lorelai is thinking of opening another inn in another town closer to Hartford
Rory may be working at the inn during the summer to have money for legal fees
10. What does Luke mention in his increasingly frantic conversion with Lorelai that leaves them both a little confused?
their future children
their wedding
the idea that they go into business together
the engagement ring he bought for her
11. Lane visits her mother, asking if she can move back home if the band breaks up. How does Mrs. Kim respond?
she gets angry that Lane is giving up
she says Lane cannot move back, as she's a disappointment to her family
she asks about Lane's relationship with Zack
she cries and hugs Lane
12. An angry Lorelai leaves lunch at Weston's after this happens.
Rory says she's going to ask Emily and Richard for help
Rory says she's dropping out of Yale
Rory says she's moving in with Logan
Rory insults Lorelai, telling her she wasn't a very good mother
13. Lane and Mrs. Kim arrive at the band's apartment with some news - what is it?
the band is breaking up
the band is going on tour
Lane is moving back in with Mrs. Kim
Lane is going back to school
14. Where will the band be playing?
in theaters inside churches
in high school gymnasiums
at Renaissance fairs
on community college campuses
15. Lorelai leaves Friday night diner after this happens.
Logan shows up and tries to talk to Lorelai
she fights with Rory about going back to Yale
Emily accuses her of trying to sabotage Rory's chance at happiness
Emily and Richard announce that Rory is leaving Yale and moving into their pool house
16. Lorelai proposes to Luke after he finishes doing this.
ranting about how the two of them can get Rory back in school
letting her cry on his shoulder
calling Emily and Richard to give them a piece of his mind
telling off Taylor, who is still nagging Lorelai about her parking spot

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