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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S05E21: Blame Booze and Melville
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1. Emily asks Lorelai and Rory for their help in choosing ______.
a shelter animal for her and Richard to adopt
paint colors for the foyer
a new living room couch
a ballet dancer she will be sponsoring
2. Why is Kirk annoyed at Luke?
Luke raised the price of toast by 10ยข
Luke is rationing napkins during breakfast
Luke has stopped carrying pineapple juice
Luke is trying to kick Kirk or of the diner, since Kirk is did with his meal and is taking up space
3. Seeing the magazine that features the Dragonfly Inn on the cover reminds Luke that he needs to do something - what?
buy a new pair of pants
make a hotel reservation
get a haircut
call a contractor about renovating the diner
4. Lorelai can believe that Luke just did something willingly - what?
took a phone call from Taylor
paid Kirk a compliment
kissed her in public
kept quiet when she used her cell phone in the diner
5. Lorelai loves it when Luke does this in the limo on the way home from a travel magazine event.
yells out the limo's moonroof
rants about New York City
talks so positively about the inn
throws a can or the window at the woman who reported him
6. Lorelei and Rory plan on throwing Sookie a baby shower, but their plans are derailed after this happens.
Rory gets into a fender bender on the way there
Sookie announces shortly before the shower that she doesn't want one
Sookie goes into labor and leaves for the hospital
Lorelai is so busy at the inn that she forgets
7. Who has put in a competing offer for the Twickham house?
8. What makes Lorelai suspect she may be pregnant?
she fell asleep on the way to the hospital
she's eating an apple by choice
she can't stand the smell of lemon meringue pie, something she normally loves
she can't fit into her "skinny jeans"
9. The dancer Emily is sponsoring seems enthralled with this item she found in Lorelai's childhood bedroom.
a Magic 8 ball
an old packet of birth control pills
a pet rock
a hairbrush
10. Lorelai calls Rory from the hospital and does this.
talks about when she went into labor with Rory
quizzes Rory about whether she and loan are practicing safe sex
asks Rory how things are going with her internship
asks Rory what she thinks about Luke being a more permanent part of their lives
11. What news does Sookie spring on Jackson after the birth of their daughter?
she's not sure if the baby is his
she's scheduled a vasectomy for him
she's ready to immediately get pregnant again
she really didn't want to be a mother
12. Why is Rory upset after a conversation with Mitchum?
Mitchum reiterates his family's opinion that Rory isn't "Huntzberger material"
he fired her for forgetting to tell him about a meeting
he told her he doesn't think she has what it takes to be a good journalist
Mitchum insulted Lorelai by saying disparaging things about teenage mothers
13. Where do Luke and Kirk go to plead their cases in front of the town elders?
a bowling alley
a steam room
a roller skating rink
a basketball game
14. What does Lorelai do while Emily is reading the article about the inn?
calls Rory for support
hides in Richard's locked study
grabs a martini and drinks it in record time
sits inside her car so she can't hear Emily's reaction
15. Rory decides to skip Logan's sister's engagement party and do this with Logan instead.
get drunk
go back to Stars Hollow and break into Doose's
steal a yacht and "take to the sea"
fly to Europe on Mitchum's dime

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