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How Well Do You Know: The Mask
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1. Stanley Ipkiss has got concert tickets for two. Who’s playing on Friday?
Cherry Poppin’ Daddies
Brian Setzer Orchestra
Royal Crown Revue
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
2. Tina Carlyle, a sssssssssssssssssssmokin’ hot night club performer, meets Stanley at his desk. What does she see in his Rorschach tie?
Lady Godiva
3. Stanley is invited to the Coco Bonga tonight, but first he has to go to the body shop to retrieve his Civic to no avail. What did Stanley originally send his car for?
Brake repair
Tire replacement
Bumper repair
Oil change
4. When Stanley tries to insult his landlord Mrs. Peenman, he says, “Nothing.” However, when she leaves, what was his delayed insult?
Aren’t you due back in the lab to get your bolts tightened?
I hope you’re due in the repair shop to get your horn checked.
Haven’t you check yourself in for a case of Loudmouthitis?
Good luck in your witch’s coven making my life a living hell.
5. Dr. Arthur Newman has an interview for his new book. What is it called?
The Face Unmasked
The Masks We Wear
Unmask Yourself
The Man Behind the Mask
6. Some of Stanley's apartment room is filled with cartoon merchandise (particularly those from Looney Tunes). Which is not one of them?
Tazmanian Devil pillow
Framed Daffy Duck animation sketches
Bugs Bunny calendar
Framed Porky Pig animation sketches
7. Stanley puts on the mask and becomes our beloved green-faced hero. First, he has to fight a group of thugs with balloon animals. What does he pull out by mistake?
A thong
A bra
A condom
8. Oh no! Stanley’s late for work and he misplaced his keys. Where does Milo find them?
Under the Taz pillow
In his pants pocket
Under the bed
Beside the TV
9. Peggy Brandt comes to Stanley’s desk to ask questions about the incident at the auto shop. What was the title of Stanley’s letter to Ask Peggy?
The Nicest Guy in Edge City
Mr. Nice Guy Says
Nice Guys Finish Last
I Know What Nice Guys Like
10. Niko’s method of torture involves a game of golf. How many more yards does he reach compared to his previous distance?
11. Which song does Tina sing at the Coco Bongo?
I Fall in Love Too Easily
Gee, Baby, Ain’t I Good to You
I Thought About You
Love Me or Leave Me
12. Which is not one of the disguises The Mask pulls off as he’s being shot?
Cossack dancer
Elvis Presley
13. Tina suspects that Stanley knows who The Mask is. He makes up a lie stating that he and The Mask were what?
College friends
14. The mask belonged to Loki, the Norse God of mischief, who was banished from Valhalla by his adopted father Odin. Stanley tries the mask on but it doesn't work. What's his reason for this happening?
The mask only works once every day
The mask only works at night
Dorian replaced the real mask with a fake one
Why is Loki in the Dark Horse Universe?
15. The Mask is finally caught at Landfill Park and Kellaway investigates him. What do Doyle and the others not pull out of The Mask's pockets?
Big sunglasses
Bowling Pin
Chattering teeth
16. What is Kellaway’s wife’s name?
17. It turns out Peggy was Dorian’s alibi as he snatches the mask out of Stanley’s hands. Why did she partake in such a scheme?
She was forced to join when he killed her boyfriend
She always hated people crossing her boss’s path
Niko "played golf" with her until she confessed Stanley’s whereabouts
She needed money to pay for her condo
18. Stanley is arrested and sent to the police station. Who is the first to pay a visit to Stanley?
19. This question may be pretty tough. Stanley trains Milo into fetching the keys from the prison guard. Which cartoon show is the guard watching?
Ren and Stimpy
The Simpsons
The Bugs Bunny Show
20. The Coco Bonga is running a charity fund at Casino Nite. Which cause it the charity for?
African children
Cancer patients
War orphans
Children’s hospitals
21. How many minutes is the bomb set to explode?
5 minutes
10 minutes
20 minutes
30 minutes
22. After the climactic fight, who’s here to presume Stanley’s innocence?
Mayor Tilton
23. The Mayor wants to have a word with Kellaway in his office. To Doyle, what does sound good?
Fighting crime
24. Who dives into the Edge City river to successfully retrieve the mask?
25. Let’s dig into that 90’s nostalgia, shall we? After the movie came out, Nintendo Power created a contest for kids to enter. Three winners of the contest would receive all of the following prizes, except:
An actual prop from The Mask movie set
A cameo appearance in The Mask sequel
The Mask on Super Nintendo
A Nintendo Power T-Shirt

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