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How Well Do You Know: Doctor Strange
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1. During surgery, Billy does a music challenge with Dr. Stephen Strange. He starts off with Feels So Good by Chuck Mangione. When was the album for the song released?
2. What caused Dr. Strange’s car crash?
Strange lost control of his car while hydroplaning
Strange was looking at X-rays Billy sent on his phone
A drunken driver blindly merged into his driveway
Strange drove over a cliff dodging falling rocks
3. Jonathan Panghorn is a paraplegic who suffered from nerve and tissue damage. How did he become paralyzed?
Falling down the stairs
Demolition accident
Assault by gang members
Factory accident
4. How many times has Dr. Strange completely written his name since his condition?
5. Dr. Strange flies to Nepal to find Kamar Taj, where he meets a group of thugs. What do they want him to hand over?
6. Dr. Strange finally meets The Ancient One, whom she may help him mend his wounded hands. Which illustration does not appear in one of her books?
Buddhist human spirit map
Acupuncture map
MRA scan
Hand reflexology chart
7. What is the Wi-Fi password in the Kamar Taj?
8. Which one-word celebrity name does Dr. Strange not compare with Wong’s name?
9. What is the first thing Dr. Strange checks on his second trip to the library?
Key of Solomon
Book on Astral Projection
Codex Imperium
Classical Sanskrit dictionary
10. The Ancient One takes Dr. Strange to the peak of Mount Everest to master the sling ring. How long can a man last before suffering through permanent loss of function?
10 minutes
13 minutes
17 minutes
20 minutes
11. I hope you remember the earlier question about one-word singers because here’s another. Which Beyonce song plays as Dr. Strange steals from the library?
Single Ladies
Crazy in Love
Best Thing I Ever Had
12. Mordo warns Dr. Strange about the dangers of conjuring spells from the Book of Cagliostro. What object does Strange use first to test the spells out?
His beard
Book of Cagliostro
13. Kaecilius and his Zealots stole two pages from the Book of Cagliostro to master the powers of dark entity Dormammu. Which country is Kaecilius from?
14. Dr. Strange ends up at the New York Sanctum Sanctorum. Where is the sanctorum located?
Hell’s Kitchen
Alphabet City
Greenwich Village
15. Strange has been stabbed and goes to the Metro-General Hospital to find Christine. His astral body escape his body and fights with an astral Lucian. What does Christine use to help bring Strange back to life?
Defibrillator pads
Electrical wires
16. During the fight between Dr. Strange, Mondu, and the Zealots, Strand and Mondu find out that The Ancient One is controller of the Dark Dimension. Who does she battle when she gets killed?
The Tall Zealot
The Blonde Zealot
The Brunette Zealot
17. Ancient One’s astral form left her body. Which topic is not discussed with Dr. Strange’s astral form?
Strange and Mondu together can stop Dormammu
Strange’s fear of failure causes greatness
Even Strange’s memory can rarely understand the Book of Cagliostro
Ancient One broke rules of the Dark Dimension for the greater good
18. The Zealots have already destroyed the Hong Kong Sanctorum. Dr. Strange and Mondu reverse the damage done in the city and fight them. How does the Brunette Zealot meet her fate?
She gets trapped in an aquarium
A car hits her from behind
She gets trapped in a wall
She gets buried under the asphalt road
19. Dr. Strange uses the Eye of Agamotto to make a deal with Dormammu. Which power does he use?
Freezing Time
Reverse Time
Endless time loop
20. What is Dormammu’s final method of attack before he inevitably agrees with Dr. Strange’s deal?
Shooting stalagmites from the ground
Shooting pointed rock bullets
Blowing energy blasts
Strangling with Dark Dimension fluid
21. What caused Wong to start laughing?
He finally got the “Beyonce” joke
He couldn’t believe that Strange managed to reason with Dormammu by himself
Strange mentioned that Kaecilius should have read the warnings on the Book
He noticed the irony in which Strange used powers of the Dark Dimension to defeat Dormammu
22. One of the post-credits scenes seems to follow which other Marvel movie?
Thor: The Dark World
Avengers: Age of Ultron
Guardians of the Galaxy
23. What else happens in the post credits sequence?
Nick Fury visits Dr. Strange
Ancient One’s celestial form returns
The Zealots return to Earth to fight Wong
Mondu takes away Jonathan Panghorn’s powers
24. What book is Stan Lee reading in the bus?
The Time Machine
The Doors of Perception
Brave New World

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