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How Well Do You Know: Meet the Parents
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You got me.  I *do* actually favor the DH

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1. A number of characters in the film make fun of Greg's occupation. What does he do for a living?
He's a nurse
He's a librarian
He's a kindergarten teacher
He's a figure skater
2. The film opens as Greg is planning to propose to Pam. Why doesn't he?
He lost the engagement ring
Pam doesn't want to get married before her sister
He hasn't asked her father for his permission
He suffers a severe allergy attack
3. What type of rare flower does Greg bring to Jack as a gift?
Brazillian orchid
Bombay violet
Minneapolis pansy
Jerusalem tulip
4. In his retirement, Jack started his own business manufacturing:
Special toilet seats for cats
Radar guns
Stun guns for domestic use
Nanny cams
5. What song causes friction between Greg and Jack on their drive to the drug store?
Purple Haze
You Can't Always Get What You Want
Puff the Magic Dragon
Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds
6. Jack met a man in the drug store parking lot. Who did this man turn out to be?
Jack's old boss
A rogue spy
A priest
A travel agent
7. Which is not a line from Jack's poem about his mother
...while the cancer ate away your organs like an unstoppable rebel force
You were an angel from Heaven, but also you were an angel from God
When they took you from me, I was without captain, rudder or anchor
You gave me life, you gave me milk, you gave me courage
8. Greg claimed that he milked a cat so that he could feed the run to the kitten litter. What was the runt's name?
9. After Greg destroys the urn holding the ashes of Jack's mother, what other unfortunate incident happens?
Greg vacuums up the ashes with a Dustbuster
Jinx relieves himself on the ashes
Greg spills champagne on the ashes
Greg inhales the ashes, sending him into a sneezing fit
10. Jack gives Greg a polygraph test in his basement. What does Greg lie about?
Having slept with Pam
Parking tickets
Watching porn
11. What did Jack do for the CIA?
Assassinations & Black Ops
Interrogation of suspected double agents
12. When Pam sent Greg to her brother Denny's room to borrow clothes, Denny was:
Doing a joint
Sneaking back into his own room
Coming out of the shower
Letting the snake out of its cage, as it were
13. Jack comes across a hash pipe which he believes belongs to Greg. Who did it belong to?
Kevin (Owen Wilson)
Pam's mom Dina
14. What did Kevin give to Pam's sister for the wedding?
A hand-carved altar
Exotic birds
Their honeymoon vacation
Stock certificates
15. Kevin and Pam had nicknames for each other derived from what movie?
Top Gun
Reservoir Dogs
Butch Cassidy and the Sundace Kid
16. The pool volleyball game at Kevin's house takes a tragic turn when:
Greg knocks an electric fan into the pool
Greg, unable to swim, starts to drown
Greg bloodies the nose of Pam's sister
Greg knocks Jinx into the pool
17. Something was very, very wrong with the Byrnes' lawn. What?
The grass was cut too short
The septic tank overflowed, creating a cesspool in the yard
Yellow irises were planted, instead of the white ones Jack had insisted on
The yard was infested with mosquitoes
18. Greg told Jack there was something in his suitcase for Pam. When Jack looked in the mis-delivered suitcase, he found:
Sex toys
Counterfeit Rolexes
Stolen merchandise
19. Put these events, which led to the yard catching fire, in order:
A) Greg let Jinx out into the yard B) Greg knocked an electrical wire off the house C) Pam threw Greg's cigarettes onto the roof
B - C - A
C - A - B
B - A - C
A - C - B
20. Jinx's role in the wedding was to be:
Justice of the Peace
Best man
Maid of honor
21. The cat Greg found in the pound looked just like Jinx except for:
The collar
The ears
The whiskers
The tail
22. The impostor Jinx:
Ate the wedding cake and then vomitted voluminously
Defiled the ashes of Jack's mother yet again
Ransacked Greg's suitcase
Destroyed the wedding dress
23. Greg's legal name isn't Greg. What was it?
24. At the end of the film, Jack watches video taken from one of the nannycams. The video revealed that the party that was guilty of flushing the toilet which lead to the mess in the yard was:
Pam's mother
25. Further on in the video, Greg is blowing off steam with regards to Jack. Amid spastic kung fu moves, Greg says: "I've got one question for you. It's:"
"Have you ever puffed the magic dragon?"
"Can I marry your daughter finally?"
"Can you deal with that?"
"Where's your stupid cat now?"

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