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How Well Do You Know: Hidden Figures
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1. After dealing with a broken-down car on their way to work, Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson get to Langley via ______.
police escort
2. What does Dorothy ask her boss, Mrs. Mitchell, about?
whether more workers can be hired for the short-staffed department
a rumor Dorothy heard about all people of color at NASA being laid off
Dorothy's interest in being supervisor of the "colored group"
Mrs. Mitchell's illness and recovery
3. Mary lands a permanent assignment in the Mercury 7 group - but she has an issue shortly after arriving. What happens?
her high heel gets stuck in a grate right before a simulation test starts
the men I the department local her out of the control room shortly before a simulation test
she accidentally insults her new boss
her confidential papers blow away during the simulation test
4. What happens to Katherine immediately after showing up to her temporary position in the Space Task Group?
a man mistakes her for a custodian, handing her a trash can
she is told there is no place for her to sit and work, so she will have to work in the hallway
her new boss calls her by the wrong name
the only other woman in the department assumes she is the secretary
5. Katherine's coworkers - all of whom are men - have an issue with this.
it's been made clear that Katherine is smarter than all of them
they do not like having to censor their language because a woman is in their presence
the boss is nicer to get than he is to them
part of Katherine's job is to double-check their work
6. What does Katherine do that takes up more time in the course of a day than it should?
visits her friends in her old building
runs to the segregated bathroom in another building
corrects her co-workers' mathematical mistakes
reminds people that she is not "the help"
7. Mary fights with her husband about her desire to:
have another baby
be an engineer
find a new job at another company
protest segregation at NASA
8. Mary and Dorothy try setting widowed Katherine up after church with Jim Johnson. Jim is a(n) ______.
National Guardsman
elementary school principal
taxi driver
9. Katherine and Jim's first encounter doesn't go well after Jim does this.
comments on the number of children she has
calls her by the wrong name
questions why women are working at NASA
mentions that he doesn't think women should work outside of the home
10. Why does Katherine have so much trouble double-checking coworker Paul Stafford's work?
he will not give her every page of his work
he refuses to let an "inferior" woman check his work
he is giving his work to another co-worker to be double-checked instead
he keeps blacking out classified pertinent information
11. Why is installation of the new IBM computer delayed?
it's lost in transit
it's so big it won't fit through the door
nobody is allowed into the room to install it
the room doesn't have an outlet so it can be plugged into the wall
12. Katherine's boss, Al Harrison, questions whether is she a spy, as her equations include information that was classified. Katherine admits she got the classified information by doing this.
listening in on their conversations
bribing other employees to get the information missing from Paul's papers
stealing a confidential folder
holding the papers up to the light
13. Why is Mary having difficulty getting into the program to become an engineer?
the program requires a down payment which she can't afford
the extension classes are held at a segregated high school
Mrs. Mitchell won't send the application through
she can't get the time off needed to take the classes
14. Dorothy and her sons are kicked out of this place for going into the whites-only section.
15. A party is interrupted with the news that this has happened.
Ernest Hemingway has died by suicide
the Soviets have sent a man into space
JFK has been assassinated
the church the women and their families attend has been bombed
16. Dorothy has decided to take matters into her own hands. Realizing their days as a "human computer" are nearly over thanks to the IBM, Dorothy does this.
has her staff picket in front of NASA headquarters
starts negotiating for jobs elsewhere on the campus
teaches her staff the computer programming language that the IBM uses
breaks the IBM so her staff can continue to work in its place
17. Katherine breaks down after Al, unaware that she goes to the segregated bathroom, confronts her for being away from her desk for so long during the day. How does he respond to her after she storms out?
he lets her know he will be reporting her to her supervisor
he knocks down the "colored bathroom" sign and declares the bathrooms are no longer segregated
he gives her a hug and apologizes for the behavior of his department
he tells her she's no longer needed
18. The day of Mary's court date arrives. How does Mary convince the judge to rule in her favor so she can attend extension classes at the segregated school?
she threatens to expose his seedy behavior that didn't make it into the local paper
she tells him she will put his name into the rocket when it heads off into space
she convinces him of the importance of being the first to do something
she has her children show up at the courthouse and been the judge to let their mommy go to school
By way of explanation.....
she'd be the first African-American engineer; he'd be the first judge to rule against segregation laws
19. Al Harrison breaks protocol yet again when he does this.
allows Katherine into a closed door meeting full of top secret information
asks for a more diverse group of employees
sends out a company-wide memo about lunchrooms no longer being segregated per his order
fires Paul for his disrespect towards Katherine
20. Dorothy won't accept reassignment into a new group unless something happens - what?
she's given a raise
she's treated with respect
she can sit in the lunch room with the white women
she can take the rest of her team with her
21. What gift does Mary's husband give to her before her first extension class?
a pocketbook
a watch
walking shoes
mechanical pencils
22. Where does Jim Johnson propose to Katherine?
in his car while dropping her off at Langley
at the carnival
at family dinner with her daughters and mother
at church after the Sunday service, with Mary and Dorothy present
23. After being told she's no longer needed in her position now that the IBM is working, Katherine gets ready to leave the Space Task Group. What is she given as she's leaving?
a pearl necklace
a personalized name plate
a picture frame
a replica of the spaceship
By way of explanation.....
it's an engagement present
24. Despite not being a part of the Space Task Group any more, Katherine finds her way back in during the launch. How does this happen?
Al misses her and invites her back to watch
Paul Stafford requests her presence, feeling it's only right she be there given all of her hard work
John Glenn won't fly until Katherine verifies the numbers the IBM produced
Dorothy finds her another position in the department
25. Dorothy's job changes once again. What happens?
she's made supervisor of the IBM team
she is hired as a human computer within Katherine's group
she is promoted to be her former survivor's new boss
she is fired - her skills are no longer needed

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