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How Well Do You Know: Born on the Fourth of July
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1. At Massapequa, New York, Ron and his friends go to a Fourth of July Parade. What does Donna give Ron for his birthday?
A toy rifle
A pair of sneakers
A Yankees cap
A Mickey Mantle baseball card
2. Ron’s mother Patricia had a dream one night. What was that dream?
Ron would be on the Fourth of July Parade
Ron would become a war veteran
Ron would be on the Yankees team
Ron would make a speech on TV
3. Before he joins the Marines, she asks Donna if she has a date to the prom. Despite this, Ron has asked someone from out-of-town. Where is his date from?
4. As Ron finally goes to prom with Donna, the music from which romance film plays?
Love is a Many-Splendor Thing
From Here to Eternity
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
An Affair to Remember
5. Let’s take a moment to mourn the death of Private Wilson, from the First Battalion Ninth Motor 1. Where was he from?
6. Which other Baldwin brother appears as a soldier in the film?
Neither one
By way of explanation.....
Stephen Baldwin plays one of Ron's high school friends.
7. On top of being shot in the foot, where else was Ron shot?
8. At the Bronx Veterans Hospital, there is an incident at Room 13 that no one seems concerned about. What happened?
A patient fell off his wheelchair
A patient defecated on the bed
A patient has abused morphine and collapsed on the floor
A patient’s catheter is full and the urine has plugged up his kidneys
9. What event occurs on TV as Leon has a post-traumatic fit?
The assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.
The 1968 Chicago Riot
The assassination of Robert Kennedy
Nixon/Humphrey Presidential election
10. Which song plays twice in the hospital scenes?
Brown-Eyed Girl
Soldier Boy
My Girl
American Pie
11. Ron arrives back to Massapequa to visit his family. To make a living, he goes to a burger place with owner Steve, who wants to employ him there. What is unusual about his burgers?
They melt three cheeses together
The patties are shaped like donuts
They use bagels instead of buns
The patties are shaped like B's
12. Why does Ron reject Steve’s offer?
He wants to work in a higher paid job
Boyer’s doesn’t hire handicapped people
The government pays him
He’s too aggressive for a casual job
13. At last, Ron makes his veteran speech, but he gets post-traumatic stress and is unable to complete it. Which is the trigger to his mental episode?
A kid using a flag as an M14
The sound of popping firecrackers
The mayor mentioning the name “Wilson”
A crying baby
14. Ron meets an old friend from childhood named Timmy, who also got enlisted. When did Timmy get hit?
February 3rd
June 9th
August 29th
September 18th
15. Ron gets into a fight with a bar patron who previously served in the Marine Corps in World War II. Where was he stationed?
Iwo Jima
16. Because of Ron’s drunken fit in the house, he moves to Mexico where he meets Charlie. What city is Charlie from?
Kansas City
17. While in Mexico, who does he write a letter to?
Wilson’s parents
18. Why were Ron and Charlie tossed out of the bar?
Ron caused a bar fight with Charlie
Charlie had a fight with a prostitute who insulted him
Charlie insulted the bartender
The waitress gave Charlie and Ron the wrong order
19. Ron visits Wilson’s grave and family home to confess his murder. The Wilson family has a history of patriarchal war veterans. Which battle did Mr. Wilson partake in?
Guadalcanal Campaign
Attack on Pearl Harbor
Battle of Coral Sea
Invasion of Normandy
20. The real Ron Kovic appears in the film in a cameo. Who does he play?
YIPPIE protester at the 1972 Democratic convention
One of the veterans at the 1956 4th of July Parade
Bar patron in The Village of the Sun
One of the patients at the Bronx Veteran Hospital

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