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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S05E19: But I'm a Gilmore!
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1. Lorelai brings home ______ for Rory, Paris and Kirk, saying that it's the perfect hangover cure.
Luke's hamburgers
macaroni and cheese
2. Rory decides to _________, but is surprised when _________.
avoid Logan for the foreseeable future; she finds him sitting outside her dorm
visit Logan; she finds him on a date with another student
invite Logan over to talk about their relationship; Paris tells her that Logan's been by to have the same talk with Rory
tell Logan she hates casual dating; he agrees to date exclusively
3. Paris arrives back at the dorm to find Doyle ______.
has left 25 messages on her answering machine
sick in her bed
waiting inside with a bouquet of flowers
passed out drunk at her front door
4. Paris leaves the room quickly when Doyle asks her to do this.
take his temperature
sing him a song
feel his forehead
make him some soup
5. Sookie's stressed out after this happens.
she realizes signs threw out the applications for her temporary replacement
her doctor puts her on bed rest until the baby is born
OSHA pays a surprise visit and inspects the kitchen
she goes into early labor
6. Rory and Logan arrive back at his room to find a surprise visitor. Who is there?
Logan's sister
Logan's last serious girlfriend
7. Why is Honor Huntzberger there to see her brother?
she needs to borrow money from Logan
she needs Logan to pay her back for money she lent him to make bail
she's newly engaged and she wants Logan there when she breaks the news to their parents
she heard about Rory and wants to meet the new woman in Logan's life
8. Who helps Lorelai with kitchen duties now that Sookie is unavailable?
Emily and Richard's chef
9. Paris arrives back in her room to help Doyle feel better. She enters the room with:
a hazmat suit on
a hot cup of tea
her childhood nanny
Doyle's mother
10. Rory tells Lorelai about her new arrangement with Logan, but only after Rory makes it clear that:
Lorelai cannot say a single word
she is incredibly happy with Logan
Lorelai needs to make an effort with Logan
Lorelai can't tell Emily and Richard about the relationship
11. Luke fights with Sookie after this happens.
he discovers she's now on bed rest at the inn so she can check his food
she calls in an "anonymous" complaint about his food
she ignores her doctor's orders and shows up at the inn, ready to cook
he is sent explicit cooking instructions by certified mail, so his food isn't "inferior" as she expects it is
12. What do Logan and his family fight about at diner?
Emily and Richard Gilmore and their feud with the Huntzbergers
Rory and her "unsuitability" as someone who could one day marry into the family
Honor and her fiance's engagement announcement
the fact that Logan's father Mitchum is never home to spend time with the family
13. Doyle asks Paris for the bottle of Nyquil. She decides to hold the bottle hostage until he does this.
thanks her for her "help" in recovering from his illness
invites her to meet his parents
gives her a kiss
talks to her about their relationship status
14. After hearing about Rory's disastrous dinner with Logan's family, Lorelai:
suggests that letting Logan bolt from the relationship may be for the best
asks for the Huntzberger's address - she has a bone to pick with them!
decides to swallow her pride and call Emily
goes to Yale to have a heart-to-heart with Logan about his feelings for Rory
15. Rory gets a surprise visitor in the Yale Daily News room - who?
Logan's father
Honor (Logan's sister)
16. What does Mitchum Huntzberger do after apologizing to Rory about the way his family acted at dinner?
he invites her back over to the house for dinner, for a "fresh start"
he tries writing her a sizable check
he offers her an internship at one of his newspapers
he asks her out to lunch at the dining hall so he can get to know her a little better

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