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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S05E18: To Live and Let Diorama
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1. Waiting to say goodbye (for yet another time) to the dying Mr. Twickham, Lorelai's unhappy with this food Sookie packed for them.
trail mix
candy corn
yogurt covered raisins
2. Lane and Zack head to Sophie's music store. What does Lane bring with her to show Sophie?
an old magazine that ran an article about Sophie
the first CD Lane ever bought in secret
an old album of Sophie's
a framed picture of Hep Alien for Sophie to put in the music store
3. Luke is really excited that this has happened.
Lorelai and the inn are going to be on the cover of a travel magazine
he and Lorelai are discussing moving in together
the diner's won an award for "Best Burger in CT"
Jess has received a full scholarship to NYU
4. Lorelai's surprised when Luke tells her:
he is evicting Taylor from the ice cream shop property
he wants to be with her when she gives the travel magazine interview
he would like to go to Friday night dinner with her and Rory to smooth things over with Richard and Emily
he wants to go to the town meeting
5. What's going on in the town meeting as Luke and Lorelai arrive?
Taylor is fighting with Gypsy
Taylor's auctioning off dates with single Stars Hollow citizens for charity
Kirk is looking for a new place to sleep
Sookie's gone into early labor
6. What is happening to the late Mr. Twickham's house?
it's being sold at public auction
it's being turned into an extension of the Stars Hollow Public Library
Miss Patty's making it into a bigger studio
it's being turned into a Stars Hollow museum
7. Why did Luke throw a frying pan at Taylor's head earlier that morning?
Taylor claimed that Luke would never do such a thing!
Taylor was playing his Muzak too loudly
Taylor was singing showtunes in the ice cream shop
Taylor asked about buying the diner so he could expand the ice cream shop
8. Luke is confused when this person snubs him at the Twickham house.
Mrs. Kim
9. Rory arrives home for a surprise visit, and discovers Paris and Kirk are there too. Why is Kirk staying with Lorelai?
Miss Patty kicked him out of the dance studio
his original host has goldfish and Kirk is afraid of goldfish
Lorelai is used to his naked sleepwalking/night terrors
he knows Luke will be there too and he feels safer knowing Luke will protect him in case of a burglar
10. Paris mentions that Kirk talked about this in his sleep.
horse racing
making moonshine
his cat
11. Lane, Rory and Paris discuss their man troubles with the help of this.
a megaphone
Founder's Day punch
Paris's cell phone
a joint Lane found on the sidewalk
12. After confronting Sophie, Lane learns that Zack is not cheating on her with Sophie - he's _________.
learning how to repair musical instruments
painting the music store for some extra cash
sleeping in the back room - he doesn't get too much sleep now that he's dating Lane
playing in a bluegrass band
13. Paris is drunk too, and she's busy doing this in the middle of Stars Hollow.
vomiting next to the gazebo
begging passerby for change so she can call Doyle from a payphone
yelling at cars for speeding
looking for a bench to sleep on
14. Lorelai makes a tough decision to have the article in the travel magazine pulled. Why does she do this?
she didn't like the tone of the article - she thinks she sounds like a joke
she said disparaging things about Emily in the interview
the article talks about her desire to marry Luke - which would be news to Luke that she doesn't want to share with him yet
Michel does not come off well as a result of his interview regarding the inn
15. Luke admits his real reason for volunteering at the Twickham house after Taylor tells him:
Taylor is thinking about keeping the museum open indefinitely
Taylor thinks the Twickham house is a fire hazard and may have it knocked down
Lorelai mentioned to Taylor how much she loved the Twickham house
Taylor is unsure what to do about the house
16. Dean gets into Luke's head during a confrontation between the two of them. What does Dean say to Luke?
Rory mentioned that Lorelai isn't sure Luke is her future
Lorelai can do so much better than Luke - Dean thinks she "settled"
the Gilmore girls are selfish and mean, and just like Dean did, Luke will learn this the hard way
just like Dean and Rory, Lorelai will want more than Luke and Stars Hollow

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