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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S05E17: Pulp Friction
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1. What is Kirk doing as the episode opens?
collecting pink and blue ribbons
awkwardly attempting to flirt with Lulu
"serenading" Luke and Lorelai
asking for donations to get him out of his mother's house
2. Luke can't believe Lorelai has come into the diner with this.
a pink ribbon pinned to her jacket
a Weston's coffee cup
one of his old baseball caps
her toothbrush and overnight bag
3. Logan and Rory end their date by doing this.
having sex in the Yale Daily News room
breaking into the dining hall to get some ice cream
getting a cup of coffee
writing an ethics paper
4. Lorelai and Sookie are busy preparing for the arrival of this person.
a magazine photographer
former Independence Inn owner Mia
an executive from a competing hotel chain
the insurance company representative
5. Michel arrives back from a trip to California. What happened to him while he was in Los Angeles?
me hung out with Britney Spears
he was an audience member of America's Funniest Home Videos
he rear-ended Celine Dion's limo
he was a contestant on The Price is Right
6. Why is Kirk having such a hard time dating Lulu while he's also living with his mother?
his mother hates Lulu
there's no room for Lulu in the super-small house
he has to hide Lulu every time she visits, as his mother doesn't want him dating until he's 40
his mother is allergic to Lulu
7. Emily and Richard are convinced THIS is the reason Lorelai was not at Friday night dinner.
Luke didn't understand Emily's instructions to reconcile with Lorelai
Lorelai is embarrassed that her relationship with Luke is over
Lorelai wants to keep the feud going intentionally
Rory told Lorelai she wasn't welcome at the house for dinner
8. Rory spots Logan on a date with another woman while Rory is doing this.
getting a pedicure
shopping with Lorelai
picking out lingerie for her next date with Logan
driving to Friday night dinner
9. The inn's magazine photo shoot is ruined after Michel's Price is Right winnings arrive. What did he win?
a motorcycle
a dog
a motor home
a visit from Bob Barker
10. What's the name of the CD Lorelai finds in Luke's truck on the way to their date?
Smooth Sounds of the Sixties
Rap Battles
Reggae Fever
Jazzed About Jazz
11. Rory has a decent costume for the Quentin Tarantino-themed party thanks to this item.
her Chilton uniform
a tiara from Emily
Lorelai's old cotillion dress
a turquoise necklace
12. Luke and Lorelai hear a noise in the garage and assume it's a raccoon. What IS making all that noise?
Michel, who is parking the motor home in Lorelai's garage
a snoring Kirk, asleep in Luke's father's boat
Rory, looking for a book she left at the house
surprisingly, it IS a raccoon
13. Why is Kirk sleeping in Lorelai's garage?
he and Lulu have had a fight
he moved out of his mother's house
he locked himself out of the house
he wants to buy the boat and figures this is the best way to get Luke's attention
14. Lorelai and Luke's conversation about Rory and the changing mother-daughter dynamic ends when this happens.
Rory calls to talk about her date with Robert
Kirk sleepwalks out the front door
Emily shows up for a surprise visit
Sookie calls from the Dragonfly
15. How does Lorelai find out that Emily's in the diner, yelling at Luke?
Kirk runs out of the diner to find her
Luke hits speed dial on his cell phone
Lane alerts her that Emily's in the diner
Emily's voice travels across town
16. Emily leaves the diner after this happens.
Lorelai tells her to shut up
she once again forces Lorelai to choose between Luke and the rest of her family
Luke tells her she's banned from ever returning to the diner
Kirk tries tackling her

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