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How Well Do You Know: Guardians of the Galaxy
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1. Which state did Peter Quill come from?
2. The Orb on the planet Morag, contains the Power Stone, one of six Infinity Stones. The Power Stone has been known to destroy planets. Who previously owned The Power Stone?
The Collector
Eson the Searcher
3. Peter Quill, currently known as “Star-Lord,” retrieves the Orb to The Broker in Xandar. What body feature does Star-Lord claim Yondu “loves” about The Broker?
4. According to Star-Lord’s profile, he has a dangerous criminal record. Which crime does he have the most counts for?
Public intoxication
Illegal manipulation of Gramosian Duchess
5. Project 89P13 AKA “Rocket” has a plan to escape The Kyln. How many prisons has he escaped prior?
6. Gamora, it turns out, is a traitor to Thanos and Ronan as she is planning on selling the Orb with the Infinity Stone. How much will she exchange for the artifact?
2 million units
3 billion units
4 billion units
5 million units
7. As mentioned before, Rocket has a plan to escape The Kyln. It involves a prosthetic leg, the guard’s security bands, and the quarnyx battery from the emergency panel. Who volunteers to retrieve the security bands?
8. Why did Rocket want the prosthetic leg?
He needed some form of weapon to attack the guards
He needed it to rip open the black panel off to take out the battery
He needed Star-Lord to use the leg to protect the team in the control room against the guards
He wanted to amuse himself
9. Drax the Destroyer joins Star-Lord’s gang. What alien species mentioned in Star-Lord’s previous encounters was he impressed by?
10. Knowhere is a colony built on a decapitated Celestial head. There resides Taneleer Tivan the Collector, who knows all about the Six Infinity Stones. Who visited Knowhere before?
Howard the Duck
By way of explanation.....
Remember the scene from Thor: The Dark World where he and Sif traveled to Knowhere to give the Aether to the Collector?
11. What 80’s film does Star-Lord compare Gamora to?
Sixteen Candles
The Breakfast Club
12. In the Boot of Jemiah, Rocket and Drax are placing bets on an Orloni fight. What caused a fight between Drax and Rocket?
Drax gave Rocket little units than they bet
Drax drunkenly collapsed on the table squishing the Orloni
Rocket cheated by eating Drax’s Orloni
Drax called Rocket names
13. Star-Lord has a plan to stop Ronan from destroying billions of people in Xandar… Well, actually part of it. Surprisingly, no one buys it because that plan involves The Ravagers. What does Groot like about Star-Lord’s plan?
It’s better than 11% of a plan
It involves a larger ship than their own
It’s better than letting Ronan destroying civilians
It's better than having no plan
14. Finally, the Guardians of the Galaxy team up with the Ravagers to retrieve the Stone. What does Drax refer to the Sakaaran guards as?
Shelless turtles
Hairless monkeys
Paper people
Ant people
15. Rocket has one last thing to do to complete the team’s plan. That thing involves one of the Ravager’s:
16. During the attack, The Nova Corps eventually team up with the Ravagers. Who gets attacked first?
Rhomann Dey
Garthan Saal
17. Which artist sings the song Star-Lord dances to distract Ronan?
Five Stairsteps
The Jackson Five
Norman Greenbaum
18. It would be too easy to make a question about Baby Groot or Howard the Duck for that matter. What is Star-Lord’s gift from the Nova Corps?
The location of Star-Lord’s real father
They got Rocket a new Groot
Star-Lord’s present from his mother
They remodeled The Milano
19. Rhomann Dey has a family down in Xandar who have survived thanks to the team. Which species are the rest of his family?
20. So, you think you know the Awesome Mix Volume 1 soundtrack? Really? Which artist plays the very first song?
Blue Swede
The Cranberries
Elvin Bishop
21. The song in which Star-Lord uses to seduce Gamora has been used countless times in other movies before. Which is not one of them?
Little Nicky
Boogie Nights
The Devil’s Rejects
Stand Up Guys
22. Which is not true about the Awesome Mix Vol. 1?
It became the first soundtrack consisting of previously released songs to reach the US Billboard 200
It was the second most sold Disney soundtrack in the US
It received a Gold certification from the RIAA a month after its release
It was the fifth most sold album of the year
By way of explanation.....
Awesome Mix Vol. 1 received a Gold certification within at least TWO MONTHS after its release
23. On top of the songs used in the film, let’s take a look at the songs that were chosen for the soundtrack, but NOT used in the film. Which is not one of them?
Never Been to Spain
Wichita Lineman
Cheap Trick
Go All the Way
24. Finally, what better way to end a Marvel quiz than a question about Stan Lee cameos? Which part does he play?
One of the inhabitants of Knowhere
One of the Nova Officers
Peter’s grandpa
Xandarian flirting a woman

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