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How Well Do You Know: Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
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1. The film begins with a wedding for Bob Seaver and Laura Burnford. What is Bob’s occupation?
Park Ranger
Airline pilot
College professor
2. That dog Chance can’t seem to control himself. What human food does a party goer feed him?
Pig in a Blanket
3. After the wedding, the Seavers and Burnfords move to San Francisco. But first, they drop their pets to Kate’s ranch for a couple of weeks. Why can’t she stay for long?
She has to gather horses for pasture
She has to search for one missing cattle
She has to gather up all the sheep
She has to collect eggs from a chicken coup at her father’s farm
4. During their first day at Kate’s house, the pets have their breakfast. What is wrong with Sassy’s food?
She prefers shrimp
It smells pretty spoiled and old
The food doesn’t fit her dietary needs
Kate didn’t keep it warm
5. Contrary to Chance’s doubts, Shadow and Sassy worry about the owner's whereabouts and decide to leave the ranch. Which animal makes Chance finally change his mind?
A pig
A turkey
A bull
A ram
6. How does Sassy describe home?
A place where there isn’t so much rocky surfaces
A place where Hope can regularly feed her shrimp
A place where the bookshelf is the tallest thing to climb
A place where she doesn’t have to do her business near a tree
7. Oh no, Chance hears something bumping in the night. Shadow deduces that it might be a creature with razor sharp teeth that eats smaller animals. What is it?
8. Jamie pulls a prank on Hope. What does he do?
He “mistakes” her dress for tissue
He sneaks a lizard down her dress
He hands her a frog
He gives her a wet willie
9. Throughout the first half of the film, Sassy and Chance trade name calls. What name does Chance not call Sassy?
Little Miss Fur Ball
10. On the subject of name-calling, which is not one of Sassy’s nicknames for Foote?
Thunder Butt
11. Shadow and Chance devise a plan to defeat the cougar. It involves the time that Chance found what object under a seesaw?
Jamie's shoe
TV remote
Torn blouse
Sassy's toy
12. We meet a hermit who discovers Sassy near the river bank. What is his name?
13. Sassy ends up in Quentin’s hut. Which life number does she think she’s on?
14. How many times does Chance compare the cougar to Arnold Schwarzenegger?
Zero times
How does he know who Arnold Schwarzenegger is?
15. The rangers have finally caught Sassy, Chance and Shadow. What is Jaime doing when it happens?
Waiting for the school bus
Making a paper mache dog in art class
Rehearsing for a school play
Playing hopscotch during recess
16. Peter discovers that Bob has made flyers for the pets. Where does he first find one of them?
The school bulletin board
In the bookshelf
The board at the police station
Lying on the ground next to the house
17. As the vet is pulling the stray quills from his muzzle, Chance makes some confessions. Which is not one of them?
He blamed Sassy for teepeeing the house
He stole underwear three times
He pooped on the carpet
He made a mess eating from the garbage
18. What song does the family sing as they’re about to take the pets back?
High Hopes
Witch Doctor
How Much is That Doggie in the Window
Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead
19. Chance, Sassy, and Shadow finally reunite with Jamie, Hope, and Peter. Before you start crying at this moment, can you determine how far the pets have traveled to reach the children?
Over 130 miles
Estimately 200 miles
At least 250 miles
Less than 290 miles
20. Final question, did you know that Homeward Bound is a remake? If not, you know now. If so, then you must know the name of Shadow’s original name.
Shadow, duh

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