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How Well Do You Know: The Blair Witch Project
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1. In what state did the film take place?
2. The opening of the film states: "In October of 1994 three student filmmakers disappeared in the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland, while shooting a documentary." And then....
Their bodies have yet to be discovered
A year later their footage was found
Six months later, partial remains were found
The rest is the stuff of legend
3. Prior heading into the woods, the filmmakers talked to various townspeople regarding the legend. Which of the following did they not talk to?
A waitress
A fireman
A woman holding a child
4. What was unusual about the Burkittsville cemetery?
It held an unusually high number of children
Each grave held three bodies
It had moved locations five times in the last century
The grave markers were upside down
5. Local townspeople tell the filmmakers of an event back in the '40s whereby a number of children were lost in the woods and were ultimately murdered. How many children were killed in the legend?
6. What was the name of the geographic landmark that figured prominently into the legend?
Terror Point
Coffin Rock
Graveyard Hill
Forbidding Widow's Peak
7. From the outset, which of the filmmakers was the most talkative?
None of them would shut the hell up
8. What foreboding development occurred the second day of the trip in the woods?
Josh started to suffer unexplained cuts and bruises on his arms
They became clearly lost
Mike almost drowned
They started to find what appeared to be body parts
9. The third morning in the woods, the kids woke to find what surrounding their tents?
Dead bodies of small animals
Piles of rocks
The tattered remains of the shredded map
Bundles of twigs
10. Additionally on the third morning, what was determined to be missing?
One of the cameras
All of the sound equipment
Heather's cap
The map
11. What ultimately happened to the map?
Mike kicked it into the creek
Heather burned it in the fire
Josh dropped it when running from the witch
Heather left it in the car
12. Following the screaming match about the map, the filmmakers find a number of twig structures hanging from trees. What did the figures loosely resemble?
Upside-down crosses
13. The filmmakers flee when something attacks their tent in the night. Having spent the night away from camp, they return in the morning to find:
The tent was nowhere to be found
The tent had been turned around to face the opposite direction
The camp had been ransacked
The tent had been encircled with more of the twig figures
14. The night after the attack, the group realize that they had been walking in circles. What did they see to make them realize this?
A rock outcropping
A log over the creek
A cave in the hillside
A group of gnarled trees
15. How did Josh get separated from Mike and Heather?
He stormed off during the fight about the map
He decided to follow the creek north, while the others went south
He disappeared one night
Trailing the other two, he hurt his ankle and couldn't catch up
16. The morning after Mike and Josh hear screaming during the night, they find a bundle outside their tent. Whatever was in the bundle most closely resembled:
Various small body parts
Pine cones
Dead rats
17. In one of the signature shots of the film, who delivered a tearful "I am so sorry" apology into a camera?
The witch
18. The last we see of the doomed filmmakers, they are running through an abandoned house. What was the predominant image that was on the walls of the house?
Twig figures
19. Who did the footage show standing in the corner in the basement of the house?
Both Heather and Mike
20. Much was made of the film's budget, which was reportedly closest to which number?
$2.2 million

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