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How Well Do You Know: The Royal Tenenbaums
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1. Where did Chas sell his Dalmatian mice?
Spanish Harlem
Little Tokyo
Dyker Heights
2. Which finger did Margot lose?
Pinkie finger
Ring finger
Middle finger
Index finger
3. What age did Richie retire from tennis?
4. Chas, Ari, and Uzi move back into the Tenenbaum residence from their apartment. What was Chas’s biggest concern?
Lack of fire sprinklers and back-up security systems
The apartment building is not resistant to tornados
Their home has too many memories of Rachel
Their apartment costs too much
5. Before Henry, three other people have proposed to Etheline. Which one was an exception?
A Film director
A British Arctic explorer
An Indian gynecologist
A Japanese architect
6. Which object is Chas shocked to find in his office/bedroom?
Royal's boar head
A poster of one of Margot's plays
Eli's latest book
A poster of Richie
7. Meanwhile, Richie, having received the message about Royal's illness, boards off the Cote D'Ivoire to meet Margot. Where was he originally going on his trip?
8. Margot tells her story about how she lost her finger. Where does her real family live?
9. What does Royal insist that Ari and Uzi call him?
Uncle Roy
Mr. Tenenbaum
10. What classical music piece plays during Eli and Richie's reunion?
“Gymnopedie no 1” by Erik Satie
“Clair de Lune” by Claude Debussy
“Meditation” by Jules Massenet
“Moonlight Sonata” by Ludwig van Beethoven
11. What does Henry notice Royal doing at the coma?
Smoking a cigarette
Drinking a can of beer
Ordering a pizza
Eating a cheeseburger
12. We see Royal spending some quality time with Ari and Uzi as they break several laws, except:
Throwing water balloons at a taxi cab
Riding go-karts at a grocery store
Shoplifting milk from a convenient store
Running towards the swimming pool
13. Royal accuses Henry of stealing Etheline away from him. What famous African-American surname does Royal use as an insult?
14. Eli has an interview with a Charlie Rose-lookalike. What is his name?
Walter Hadley
Peter Bradley
Charles Bailey
David McNally
15. Who died of stomach cancer?
Chas's wife
Royal's mother
Eli's aunt
Henry's wife
16. It turns out, Margot had been a smoker since age 12 and had intimate affairs with other people before Raleigh St. Clair. How old was she when she had sex with Peter Bradley?
17. Please put these in order: “Lullaby” by Emitt Rhodes “Everyone” by Van Morrison “Wigwam” by Bob Dylan “Stephanie Says” by Velvet Underground
D, A, C, B
C, A, D, B
D, C, A, B
A, D, C, B
18. How does Raleigh reveal Margot's smoking habits?
He shows Etheline a cigarette found in the bathroom
He asks that she dropped a lighter
He asks her for a smoke
He asks if she prefers Marlboro or Camel
19. Mordecai returns to Richie after a talk with Royal. What is different about Mordecai?
He has a different colored beak
He has mysterious white feathers
He has a red tip on the tail
He makes a different screech
20. What is Margot's middle name?
She doesn't have one
21. What day and time is Etheline and Henry's wedding?
Friday at 2 PM
Saturday at 4 PM
Sunday at 3 PM
Monday at 4 PM
22. Despite his children being raised Catholic, what religion was Royal partially raised?
23. Who was the only witness of Royal's death?
24. What does Wes Anderson play in the film?
One of the press at Richie, Margot, and Chas's conference
One of the tennis commentators
The one who offers Eli an autograph
One of the firemen

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