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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S05E16: So...Good Talk
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1. Lorelai can't believe all the mail she's received is for Rory. Oh, wait, there's one piece of mail for Lorelai! What is it?
a wedding invitation addressed to her and Luke
an issue of Good Housekeeping
a coupon booklet
a postcard from Emily
2. Why is Lane having a hard time working at the diner lately?
Kyon keeps visiting the diner, wanting to speak to Lane
Luke is miserable and taking it out on the customers
Zack is unhappy she's working so much
her work schedule is interfering with band practice
3. Now that Friday night dinner is off the table, Lorelai has alternate plans. They involve watching multiple versions of what movie?
Love Affair / An Affair to Remember
A Star is Born
King Kong
The Postman Always Rings Twice
4. Which of the following is NOT a potential job Lorelai has found for Rory to do in Stars Hollow during Spring Break?
helping inventory books at the book store
shooing away cows from the radio station transmitter
helping Kirk paint lines on the sides of the roads
holding up a "slow down" sign as part of a road crew
5. Sookie and Lorelai have plans to hit the town so Lorelai doesn't stay inside for yet another night, but the ladies wind up staying inside anyway - why?
Lorelai isn't in the mood to see happy people
Sookie's pregnancy puts a damper on potential plans (bar, dancing etc)
Lorelai wants to wait to go out until Rory is back home
they run into Luke, which depresses Lorelai
6. Dinner ends abruptly after this happens.
Rory fights with Emily about Emily breaking up Luke and Lorelai
Lorelai shows up and yells at Emily
Luke announces his surprise appearance
Richard hounds Rory about whether she's seeing Logan
7. Where do Sookie and Lorelai end up going after watching a version of A Star is Born at home?
the Black White and Read
Doose's Market
8. Sookie falls asleep at the table in Weston's. Rory takes the opportunity to talk to Lorelai in private about this.
her fight with Emily
her having slept with Logan
her phone call with Christopher
her need for reliable birth control
9. Richard calls Lorelai, upset about the way Rory treated Emily the previous night. Lorelai changes the subject by asking Richard a question about:
the Eiffel Tower
Cousin Marilyn
auto repairs
10. Lorelai talks her way out of this.
a ticket for jaywalking in front of Doose's
a ticket for Luke's boat, which is sitting in front of the diner during street cleaning day
a ticket for running a red light, which she did after seeing Luke walk out of the diner
a ticket for littering after she threw a Weston's coffee cup on the sidewalk in front of Luke's
11. What gives Rory an indication that something is wrong with Luke?
he refuses to acknowledge her
he's closed the diner
his burgers taste horrible
his Yelp reviews are getting worse by the hour
12. Lane surprises Zack - and herself - by saying this during her dinner date with Zack.
she wants to see other people
she wants to wait until she's married to have sex
she might want to move back in with her mother
she isn't sure she wants to be in the band any more
13. Why is Emily so upset that Richard helped Lorelai with her insurance problem?
Richard has become the "favorite" with Rory and Lorelai
she wanted both of them to ignore Lorelai until their daughter "came to her senses"
Lorelai should have figured out her own problem
Emily had wanted to go with him, so Lorelai would have no choice but to see her mother
14. Lane takes out her frustrations regarding her surprise "waiting until I'm married" rule by doing this.
writing an angry song for the band to play
running around town square while ranting loudly
passionately kissing Zack
yelling at Mrs. Kim in the street
15. Why does Rory cut her Spring Break in Stars Hollow short?
she finished all of her laundry earlier than expected
a Yale Daily News emergency arose
Logan has returned to Yale early from his ski trip
Lane was coming to stay with Rory at Yale for a few days
16. Emily visits Luke at the diner. What does she tell him?
it's his fault that Lorelai won't speak to her
she'll stay out of the way if he reconciles with Lorelai
she misses Lorelai and wants her family back
he's a good guy and he and Lorelai made a nice couple

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