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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S05E15: Jews & Chinese Food
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1. Lorelai meets Rory at Yale for dinner, and winds up having an awkward conversation with Paris about:
her undefined relationship with Doyle
her life coach's suggestions
her former nanny's love life
how much she misses Asher Fleming's bedroom skills
2. What news does Rory share with Lorelai during dinner?
she received an email from Christopher
Emily's been calling her daily since the vow renewal party
she's thinking of having sex with Logan
she saw Jess at the Yale bookstore
3. Lorelai's sad to see this when passing Luke's Diner.
Luke is kissing another woman
his boat is sitting outside the diner, not in her garage
the diner is closed indefinitely, according to the sign posted on the window
Luke is smiling and looking happy, unaffected by the breakup
4. Rory makes plans to hang out with a clearly uncomfortable Marty. What does she want to do?
play Boggle
watch the first few seasons of the Mary Tyler Moore Show
have a Marx Brothers movie marathon
have an international feast inside the dorm room - "foods of the world"
5. Bradley the elementary school student is terrified of talking to Luke about building sets for the school production of "Fiddler on the Roof". Who does all the talking for poor Bradley?
6. Luke isn't happy about the idea of helping out the kids, but he changes his mind - why?
he needs a distraction from his breakup-induced misery
he hears Lorelai is making costumes for the play and was the person who signed him up to build the set
he knows it will bother Lorelai
he owes Kirk a favor
7. Stars Hollow Elementary student Damon is very excited to tell Luke this piece of information.
his brother is in the military
his father just moved out
his mother is a lesbian
his sister is pregnant
8. Luke's less than thrilled at having to interact with the director of the play: _______.
Crazy Carrie
Miss Patty
9. Michel is not pleased that Sookie and Lorelai are doing this without him.
decorating her garage
going to a spa to get a massage
refurnishing the inn
getting a manicure
10. Michel is happy to now be included in the decorating of the garage, although he suspects he's been tricked into doing all the work. What's he in charge of?
hanging curtains
cleaning the floor
11. Kirk has a problem with this prop Luke has built for the play.
dairy cart
large tree
12. Luke confronts Lorelai at her house after this happens during rehearsal.
the dyed beards stain the kids' faces
Kirk rips his costume
a child trips over her costume
the crew can't locate the hats Lorelai made
13. After a dinner with Rory, Logan and Logan's friends, what does Marty claim is a lower point in his life than being pantsed at the prom?
watching Logan and Rory flirt with each other
being talked down to by Colin and Finn
not having enough money to cover his part of the dinner bill
his wallet being stolen on his way outside the restaurant
14. How does the night end between Rory and Marty?
Marty tries to kiss Rory; she rebuffs him
Rory admits her feelings for Logan; Marty cries and runs away in embarrassment
they hug and, agreeing their friendship has fizzled, say goodbye
Marty admits he has feelings for Rory; Rory admits she likes Logan
15. Rory spends the night with Logan after he:
knocks on her door
sends her an email, asking her to meet him outside
climbs through her window
calls her and serenades her

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