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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S05E14: Say Something
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1. Why's Paris annoyed with Rory after Rory gets home from the wedding renewal party?
Rory won't stop talking about Logan, knowing full well that Paris can't stand him
Rory woke Paris out of a dead sleep to ask about phone messages
Rory accidentally butt-dialed Doyle during the party
Rory made too much noise getting home
2. In her search for Luke, Lorelai runs into various townspeople, all of whom are concerned they've broken up. Who does Lorelai NOT talk to?
Babette and Morey
Caesar the diner employee
Miss Patty
3. So, where DOES Lorelai find Luke?
in the diner's stockroom
at the Black White and Read
at Miss Patty's Dance Studio
at Gypsy's auto repair shop
4. Michel is not a fan of an inn event Lorelai's planning. What type of event is it?
a singles' 5-minute dating event
a wine tasting for divorcees
a concert put on by the CT gay men's choir
a breakfast for girls and their dolls
5. Sookie tries to cheer up Lorelai by telling her a story, but it has the opposite effect. What was the story about?
a couple that reconnected after 40 years apart
an abused dog and the woman who rescued him
a single mother sending her daughter off to college
a divorced couple who fall back in love after being set up by their children
6. Paris and Rory ask this person for advice regarding their romantic issues.
Doyle's roommate
former roomate Janet
their modern classics professor
7. Taylor gets the entire town involved in the Luke/Lorelai "breakup" by passing out these items for display.
By way of explanation.....
blue if you're Team Luke, pink if you're Team Lorelai
8. Why is Gypsy "Team Lorelai"?
Luke can never get her name right despite having grown up with her
Luke is too grumpy
Lorelai's prettier
Luke fixes his own truck so she makes no money off of him
9. Rory calls Logan to see if he'd like to "hang out". She winds up spending time with him - and his friends - while the guys are doing this.
playing darts
playing poker
wild game hunting
10. Who calls Rory with the news that something's happened between Lorelai and Luke, leaving Lorelai in bad shape?
11. Why does Rory take Logan's car and driver back to Stars Hollow?
she's a little tipsy
her car's at the dealer being serviced
she wants to stay unnoticed while back in town
her car was stolen a few days prior
By way of explanation.....
everyone knows you don't bring your car to the dealer - they rip you off!
12. Lane helps Rory get groceries from Doose's. In addition to the stuff on Lorelai's list, Lane also picks up this item for Lorelai.
a hairbrush
bubble bath
a toothbrush
sleeping pills
13. Which of the following does not happen while Rory is helping Lorelai in Stars Hollow?
Rory's driver helps set up a TV in Lorelai's bedroom
Rory yells at Luke, who's in his truck honking at her limo
Rory takes Taylor's bucket of ribbons
Rory fights with Michel over the fact Lorelai doesn't show up at the inn
14. What movie does Lorelai discuss while leaving Luke an emotional voicemail?
Sleepless in Seattle
Fatal Attraction
The Way We Were
15. Rory arrives back at Yale and thanks Logan for use of his car and driver, but Logan's confused by something - what?
the formal tone she's using while speaking to him
she complained about the driver's attitude towards her
her refusal to kiss him
the nickname she's decided to give him
16. What does Lorelai give to Luke after she arrives back at the house to find him there?
a "last kiss"
the key to his apartment
the tape from his answering machine
silverware from the diner

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