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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S05E13: Wedding Bell Blues
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1. Luke can't believe Lorelai found something she wanted in his boat supply catalog. What did she want?
fisherman boots
a sail with a dragonfly in it
a raincoat
2. Lorelai and Rory's "Cop Rock" marathon is interrupted by a call from Emily, who's heading over to the house. Why's she in a panic?
Richard isn't answering her calls
the wedding planner has quit
she needs Lorelai to fix her dress
her hairdresser has just died, leaving nobody available to fix her hair for the ceremony
3. How do Lorelai and Rory discover that Emily's expecting a bachelorette party?
Richard calls from his bachelor party
Emily tells them she expects one
Emily shows up at the door wearing a "bachelorette" sash
Sookie mentions she overheard Emily talking about it
4. What gift does Lorelai give to Emily to enjoy on her "special night"?
a box of penis-shaped pasta
a bottle of champagne
a video camera
5. Rory snaps at Lorelai after the end of the party, after Lorelai does this.
debates skipping the party, leaving Emily without a maid of honor
draws on Emily's face with a Sharpie
insults Christopher and his lack of ambition
badmouths the Life and Death Brigade
6. Lorelai and Rory are late to arrive at the venue, and hope nobody notices they're late. Luke's hoping nobody notices _____.
his pants are wrinkled from the drive
he's tagging along with them
he forgot his invitation at home
he smells like diner food
7. Emily, not realizing Lorelai was the person responsible for switching up the seating chart, has fired the party planner. Who is taking over?
cousin Marilyn
Emily's doing it herself
8. Cousin Marilyn wants to know Luke's profession. She says she has always wanted to have an affair with a(n) ________, as it's very "in" right now.
pool boy
mail carrier
9. Emily's conversation with Lorelai sours after Lorelai admits:
she thinks the vow renewal is unnecessary
she can see herself getting married
she and Rory had a falling out with Christopher
she and Luke are discussing moving in together
10. Lorelai asks for Luke's help in doing this.
leaving the party early
switching around the seating chart
getting the names of people whose names she's forgotten
avoiding Emily and Richard for the entire party
11. Richard tells a story about the song he and Emily will be having as their first dance. Emily used to sing this song to calm down a young Lorelai when:
Lorelai broke her arm
Lorelai was suffering from chronic ear infections
Lorelai had mono
Lorelai needed her tonsils removed
12. Rory and Christopher leave the hubbub of the party and talk in private. Chris tells Rory a story about this.
his and Lorelai's first kiss
the day Rory was born
how different Lorelai and Sherry are
the first time he met Emily and Richard
13. Logan admits he's thought about asking out Rory a few times, but decided it wasn't a good idea. Why not?
it might cause conflict seeing as how they are both on the Yale Daily News staff
she's not his normal "type"
he's not "boyfriend material" - he doesn't do commitment
his parents wouldn't be pleased that he's dating a college girl
14. Chris and Luke follow Lorelai when she leaves the party to do this.
find Rory
catch a taxi home
yell at Emily and Richard
get more champagne at the bar
15. Luke and Chris wind up fighting about Rory, and Luke's relationship with Lorelai, after all 3 find Rory:
passed out drunk
crying in the bathroom
making out with Logan
smoking pot with Cousin Marilyn
16. Lorelai tells Emily that their mother-daughter relationship is "done" while this is happening.
the cake is being cut
the deejay is trying to start the Limbo
family pictures are being taken
the fire alarm goes off, forcing everyone outside

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