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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S05E12: Come Home
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1. Lorelai's finding it difficult to fall asleep at Luke's - why?
his refrigerator is making a weird noise
they're in bed super early because Luke has an early morning
the people living in the adjoining building are fighting loudly
his apartment is too cold - the furnace is broken
2. Why is Doyle freaking out in the Yale Daily News office?
he received a surprise visit from Logan's newspaper magnate father
he's overheard that he may be getting replaced
the college dean is headed over for a very serious meeting, and Doyle has no idea what it's about
none of his staff has turned in an article in 48 hrs.
3. Who has crashed the Dragonfly Inn's staff meeting, despite not being on the staff?
4. Michel insists there is a thief among the inn's staff. What is this person stealing from the unoccupied rooms?
nips of alcohol from the minibar
lightbulbs from the lamps
Toblerone chocolate
5. Luke is impressed after Lorelai is able to help him do this, thanks to her inability to sleep on the early nights to bed.
repaint the diner
fix the diner oven
learn to play chess
assemble a bookcase
By way of explanation.....
she read the oven manual
6. Zack isn't a big fan of Lane's new look. What did she do to change her appearance?
started wearing more revealing clothing
dyed her hair blonde
exchanged her glasses for contacts
started wearing makeup
7. From whom does Richard hear about Emily's date with another man?
his coworkers
Emily's date (Simon)
the waiter at the restaurant where Emily went on her date
8. Lane fights with Mrs. Kim over her "mandatory invitation" to the Korean New Year party. Lane agrees to come to the party under one condition, which Mrs. Kim surprisingly accepts - what is it?
the entire band is invited too
she will not be required to wash the dishes after dinner
Mrs. Kim must publicly apologize flyer kicking her out of the house
she will be able to leave whenever she wants
9. Lorelai is surprised to hear this piece of news while chatting with Jackson.
Sookie's thinking of taking a leave of absence until after the baby's born
Sookie's been working extra hours and late nights at the inn
Jackson's been enjoying the Toblerone that Sookie has been bringing home from the inn
Sookie is very unhappy at the inn
10. A little Korean boy yells at Zack during dinner for doing this.
complaining about the "weird food"
getting up from the table to use the restroom
asking if it was time for dessert
using his cell phone at the dinner table
11. Lorelai discovers Sookie in an empty bedroom, watching TV and eating Toblerone. She's been watching reruns of this show for the last few weeks.
The Twilight Zone
Dark Shadows
I Dream of Jeannie
12. Richard argues with Emily - and her former dinner date Simon - after doing this at the event they are all attending.
"accidentally" spilling a drink on Simon
rear-ending Emily's car
having security remove Simon from the event
kissing Emily in front of Simon
13. Mrs. Kim and Zack find they have something in common, much to Lane's horror - what?
they both disliked the food served at dinner
they both think Lane has become too "modern" and should embrace her Korean heritage
they both like Lane with glasses
they both think Gil is being too rowdy and needs to leave the party
14. Lorelai is happy to discover that Luke:
got a TV for his bedroom so she can watch it while he's asleep on the early nights
it's now looking forward to attending Richard and Emily's vow renewal
gave her space in his dresser and closet
is scheduling his deliveries later so he and Lorelai can sleep in
15. Emily decides to take matters into her own hands regarding Lorelai and Luke's relationship by doing this.
making sure Luke's name was not on the seating plan
hiring a private investigator to dig up some dirt on Luke
giving Christopher an invitation to the vow renewal
telling Lorelai no significant others are invited - only married couples

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