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How Well Do You Know: Beauty and the Beast (2017)
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1. The vain, unloving prince is cursed turned into a Beast by an enchantress in disguise as an old woman. When does the "old woman" arrive at the castle in search of shelter from a storm?
during the prince's wedding
during a ball
during a feast
during the death of the prince's father
2. Gaston's sidekick LeFou isn't sure that Belle is the right woman for Gaston. After all, Belle is so well-read, and Gaston is so...what?
athletically inclined
intellectually challenged
in love with someone else already (himself)
adept at bagging trophies for his wall that don't put up a fight
3. Belle's father Maurice makes these for a living.
music boxes
horse-drawn carts
glass flowers
4. Belle asks Maurice for another piece of information about her late mother. What does Maurice tell Belle?
her mother was the most beautiful woman in Paris
her mother had many suitors but chose Maurice because he was also "odd"
her mother was an amazing dancer
her mother was fearless
5. Every year Maurice asks Belle what she'd like for him to bring back from his trip to the market. Every year Belle asks for this.
a book
a rose
a safe trip back home
a pie
6. Belle enrages the local schoolmaster by doing this while doing her laundry.
laughing at Gaston's attempts to woo her
mending clothes using an item she invented
teaching a little girl to read
singing out loud
7. How does a very lost Maurice finds his way to the hidden castle?
the enchantress appears and points him in the right direction
he hears screaming and follows the sound to the castle
Phillippe the horse runs to the castle for no apparent reason
lightning strikes a tree, causing it to fall and expose the path to the castle
8. Maurice can see and hear that something out of the ordinary is going on in the mysterious castle, but he realizes the castle is "alive" when this character talks directly to him.
Lumiere the candelabra
Chip the teacup
Cadenza the harpsichord
Plumette the feather duster
9. How does Belle react when she first meets a member of the Beast's enchanted staff?
she kicks Cogsworth the clock across the room
she hits Lumiere the candelabra with a bench
she drops Mrs. Potts the teapot and nearly shatters her
she slams the cover of Cadenza the harpsichord in surprise
10. Gaston asks LeFou why he hasn't find a woman to settle down with yet. LeFou replies that he's been told...this.
he's too sensitive
he's got a face only his mother could love
he's clingy
he's unfortunately not Gaston
11. Beast is really angry when he sees dinner for Belle being served in the dining room along with his meal. Mrs. Potts reminds him of something important as he's ranting about the situation that lead to Belle living in the castle, and it's something that Beast can relate to. What is it?
beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
kindness and patience is important when trying to make friends
silence is golden
you can't judge a person by who their father is
12. Belle runs out of the castle after the Beast catches her looking at the enchanted flower in the West wing and loses his temper. The castle's staff try to keep her from leaving, but it's no use. How does she escape?
she climbs out the window and down a tower
she goes through the doggie door
she sneaks out the back door
she calls Philippe over to a window and jumps down onto him
13. Gaston is getting pretty angry and frustrated during his conversation with Maurice. Lefou tries calming Gaston down by telling him to think happy thoughts. What are those happy thoughts about?
the war and the many lonely widows he encountered
winning a weightlifting competition
marrying Belle
Gaston's rugged good looks
14. Maurice makes it crystal clear that he will never allow Gaston to marry Belle. How does Gaston respond?
he starts to cry, calming down after LeFou consoles him
he kidnaps Maurice and uses him as a way to bribe Belle into marrying him
he knocks Maurice unconscious and ties him to a tree
he pushes Maurice out of the cart and continues on his way to the castle
15. Belle and Beast seem to become more comfortable with each other's company, getting to know more about each other while Beast is recovering from the wolf attack. What piece of information about Belle doesn't seem to surprise Beast at all?
she doesn't know how to dance
Romeo and Juliet is her favorite book
she's not looked upon favorably by the villagers in her town
roses are her favorite flower
16. Belle joins Beast outside, where they talk about being outcasts in their respective homes. Belle initially teases Beast because he's reading a romance. Who are the characters in the book he's attempting to read in private?
Romeo and Juliet
Tristan and Isolde
Viola and Orsino
Guinevere and Lancelot
By way of explanation.....
Beast is quick to point out it also has swords and fighting! It's not just a romance! It's Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table!
17. Beast suggests he and Belle "run away", thanks to a "gift" from the enchantress. He tells Belle to pick anywhere she'd like to go; where does Belle choose to bring them?
present-day Villeneuve, where she can see her father having difficulty with Gaston
the castle in the days before it was placed under a curse and everyone became "enchanted"
the library where she was first taught to read
the windmill in Paris where she lived as an infant with her mother and father
18. While searching the room in which she and her family lived in Paris, Beast discovers the cause of death of Belle's mother. How did she die?
childbirth complications
19. Beast offers to let Belle see Maurice in his magic mirror after she tells him this.
she wants Maurice to live at the castle with them
she can see herself getting married in the castle
Maurice taught her how to dance
she had never danced with a partner before
20. What does Beast do shortly after letting Belle leave the castle as a free woman?
lets Mrs. Potts know she has been like a mother to him
apologizes to his staff for not being able to "set them free", as he did for Belle
gets a horse so he can go ride after Belle
takes the cover off of the rose, hoping it'll wilt and die sooner than expected
21. What does Belle shows Maurice as proof that the Beast is kind and set her free?
a book from his library
a bracelet he gave her before setting her free
the glass rose that her mother was holding in her father's painting
a picture of the Beast when he was a young prince
22. The battle between castle staff and villagers begins after this happens.
Gaston refers to Cadenza as "future firewood"
a villager spills water on Lumiere and douses his flames
Beast makes his way down the stairs and frightens the villagers
LeFou refers to Mrs. Potts as Chip's grandmother
23. Gaston's attempt to harm/kill Beast is delayed thanks to Belle. What does she do to try and help Beast?
she pushes Gaston, causing him to lose his balance and fall to the bottom of the tower
she takes and breaks Gaston's arrows and tries to take his gun from him
she alerts Beast to a hidden Gaston's location in the towers
she distracts Gaston so Beast can attack him from behind
24. Cogsworth, now back in human form, wants to be turned back into a clock after this happens.
he is reunited with his wife
he sees Lumiere and Plumette kissing passionately
he starts fighting with Lumiere
he realizes he no longer has a job in the castle
25. Belle thinks of something she'd like to ask the prince while they're dancing at the celebration ball. What does she want to know?
if he'd like to get married
if he'd consider growing a beard
if he'd think about transforming back into the Beast
if he still plans on slurping his soup instead of using a spoon

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