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How Well Do You Know: Resident Evil: Apocalypse
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She's drunk and he's homicidal. This PTA meeting should be fascinating.

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1. What happens when Umbrella sends a research team to re-open The Hive?
The team gets slaughtered by zombies. Duh. (This is the right answer, obviously.)
I mean seriously, what were they expecting would happen?
They didn't even send in jocks, just nerds.
Umbrella is more poorly run than AIG.
2. Once the outbreak occurs, men in black SUVs go to pick up persons of interest and carry them to safety. Who is the first person retrieved?
Dr. Charles Ashford (Jared Harris)
L.J. (Mike Epps)
Carlos Olivera (Oded Fehr)
Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory)
3. What happens to the Gamma 12 retrieval team sent after Dr. Ashford's daughter, Angie?
Angry citizens attack the car.
Lickers overwhelm them.
A trucker smashes into the car and upends it.
Zombies overwhelm them.
4. Jill Valentine walks into the Raccoon City Police Department and promptly does what?
Decapitates a zombie with a trash can lid.
Knifes a zombie in the eye.
Shoots five zombies.
Throws her high heeled shoe into a zombie's eye.
5. Carlos Olivera, swashbuckling hero that he is, bungee jumps out of a plane to save a woman pinned in by zombies. What does she do after her rescue?
Jumps off the building.
Thanks him by giving him her cell phone.
Thanks him with a kiss.
Yells at him for being one of the ones responsible.
6. Alice isn't quite right at the start of the sequel. What has changed?
She has been infected by a zombie dog.
She has been injected with the T-Virus.
She has lost her memory. Again.
She thinks she is a clone.
7. When Dr. Ashford says, "There has to be someone left alive," who does he find walking down Bayliss Way?
Angela Ashford
Carlos Olivera
8. What does Terri Morales say she has on her camera?
'A very, very private video of an intimate act.'
'My Emmy. That's if any of us make it out.'
'Proof that Raccoon City met the apocalypse.'
'Proof that Umbrella did this.'
9. What is the clergyman's secret?
He has been infected.
He cowardously hid away in the confessional while others were killed by zombies.
He is feeding his zombie sister.
No, we're not going to make that joke. And you should be ashamed of yourself.
10. Which of these does Alice not use to kill the lickers in the cathedral?
Holy water
Wooden cross
11. What is L.J. looking at that causes his car crash?
Lickers. Lots of them.
Motorcase of black SUVs
Zombie strippers
12. At the graveyard, one of the party members is revealed to be infected. Who is it?
Nicholai Ginovaeff
Carlos Olivera
Jill Valentine
Peyton Wells
13. Who does the villainous Major Timothy Cain "activate" by turning off their sedative, muscle relaxant and IV?
Alice and Nemesis but not Licker
14. What is the first S.T.A.R.S. agent (the one in the cowboy hat) that L.J. encounters doing?
Drinkin' and shootin'
15. How many rounds of live ammo does Nemesis unload on the S.T.A.R.S. brigade?
16. How many S.T.A.R.S. agents does Nemesis disable during his test run at the (mostly) abandoned Westwood Theater?
17. Why does Nemesis let L.J. live?
L.J. drops his weapon and becomes classified as a non-combatant.
L.J. is a civilian whose threat is minimal.
L.J. jumps behind the popcorn maker and isn't visible.
L.J. is needed for the sequel.
18. How does Alice finally escape Nemesis during their initial encounter?
She jumps down an elevator shaft.
She jumps off a bridge.
She jumps off a building.
She slides down a garbage disposal
19. Whose death is accidentally recorded on camera?
Angela Ashford
Dr. Ashford
Terri Morales
Peyton Wells
20. The zombie dogs claim their first (on-screen) victim in Resident Evil: Apocalypse. Who gets to be undead puppy chow?
Nicholai Ginovaeff
Yuri Loginova
Terri Morales
Peyton Wells
21. Which of these people is not infected?
Angela Ashford
Jill Valentine
None of them are infected.
22. What does Angela Ashford have in her backpack?
The antivirus cure to the T-Virus.
A doll she calls Mr. Bubbles.
PB & J sandwich with the crusts taken off because that's how she knows Daddy loves her
Pokemon cards. Tons of them.
23. What is Nemesis' only line of dialogue in the movie (guttural grunts notwithstanding)?
24. Nemesis' secret identity is revealed in the end. Who had Nemesis been prior to the T-Virus infection?
Matt Addison
25. Finish the dialogue: 'My name is Alice...'
'and I am going to kill you.'
'and I remember everything.'
'and this is not my wonderland.'
'You killed my father. Prepare to die.'

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