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How Well Do You Know: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 11
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1. "Chardee MacDennis 2: Electric Boogaloo": Each team now has their own flag. Frank's flag is problematic, as it closely resembles this flag/emblem.
Nazi flag with swastika
Confederate flag
anarchist symbol/black flag
Ku Klux Klan symbol
2. "Chardee MacDennis: Electric Boogaloo": The gang rehydrates via IV drip before starting Level 2. What's in the IV bags?
Red Bull
3. "Frank Falls Out the Window": What was Frank doing so close to the window for him to fall out of it?
yelling at a noisy dog outside
dropping water balloons
4. "Frank Falls Out the Window": Dennis and Dee go along with Frank's delusion that it's 2006 by ______.
buying tickets to a Nickleback concert
"poking" him on Facebook
buying him a pair of Crocs
saying they invented the smartphone
5. "The Gang Hits the Slopes": Who are the two people who wind up competing against each other in the ski competition for ownership of the mountain?
Mac and Dennis
Dee and Charlie
Charlie and Dennis
Dee and Mac
6. "The Gang Hits the Slopes": Dennis (the winner) winds up with two broken ankles, but it's all for naught, as there was technically no real competition to win. Frank created the entire contest as a diversion so he could do this.
frame his former friends for murder
frack the mountain
steal money out of the guests' rooms
sleep with the owner's wife
7. "Dee Made a Smut Film": Charlie starts dressing and talking like the star of the smut film - ______.
Richard Grieco
Corey Feldman
Joey Lawrence
Rick Schroeder
8. "Dee Made a Smut Film": Dee shows off her directorial debut during the art opening at Paddy's. Her "film" tells the story of a 14 year old Dennis having sex with this person.
his babysitter
the lunch lady
the school librarian
his pediatrician
By way of explanation.....
Dee thinks she looked like Rick Moranis!
9. "Mac and Dennis Move to the Suburbs": Frank makes a deal with Mac and Dennis: if they can last a month living in the suburbs, he'll pay their rent for a year. If they can't make it the full month, they have to ______ for a year.
add Charlie as a third roommate
share a bed with an old man
abstain from all sexual activity
wax Frank's back
10. "Mac and Dennis Move to the Suburbs": What is the one meal that Mac cooks during his month in the suburbs with Dennis?
sloppy joes
macaroni and cheese
tomato soup
scrambled eggs and toast
By way of explanation.....
"Mac's famous mac and cheese" turned out to be from a box
11. "Being Frank": Frank and his landlord both choke on this item.
plastic fruit
rum ham
snake meat
12. "Being Frank": Frank and Bill Ponderosa are beat up at the roller rink after "Pondy" hits on a teenager. Franks regains consciousness to find he's _____.
handcuffed to a stop sign
locked in a basement
stuffed in a trunk
in prison
13. "McPoyle vs. Ponderosa: The Trial of the Century": Bill Ponderosa's lawyer is Charlie's uncle. Uncle Jack is wearing something that everyone else finds distracting - what?
rubber hands
an eye patch
a clown nose
two toupees stacked on top of each other
14. "McPoyle vs. Ponderosa: The Trial of the Century": Who is Bill Ponderosa's drug dealer?
his favorite prostitute
his lawyer
his teenage son
his neighbor
15. "Charlie Catches a Leprechaun": Where does Mac go in order to find the pot of gold he believes the "leprechaun" left at the end of a rainbow?
a park
a gay club
a strip joint
a shopping mall
By way of explanation.....
the club's name is "Rainbows"
16. "Charlie Catches a Leprechaun": The gang is a bit concerned with something Charlie does throughout the episode. What's he doing?
sniffing glue
drinking paint
huffing gasoline
eating laxatives
17. "The Gang Goes to Hell": Most of the gang is not pleased with the Christian cruise they're on. Why?
everyone on the cruise is celibate
it's a dry cruise - no alcohol is allowed on the ship
the gang is required to room with random guests instead of with each other
they are being forced to mingle with the other guests
18. "The Gang Goes to Hell": Dee's string of bad luck begins when this happens on the poolside deck.
a bird poops in her mouth
she is pushed off the deck and goes overboard
a waiter spills hot coffee on her, scalding her face
someone steals her watch
19. "The Gang Goes to Hell: Part Two": Charlie's convinced he and everyone else in the brig with him is already dead. He tries to prove it by doing this.
ingesting rat poison found in a trap
attempting to stab himself with a makeshift shiv
shooting a flare gun at his head
overdosing on aspirin found in the first aid kit
20. "The Gang Goes to Hell: Part Two": Which of the following is not a "confession" made while the brig is starting to fill with water?
Dee reported Dennis to the IRS for his shady bookkeeping practices
Mac owns a Dallas Cowboys jersey
Dennis ripped up letters that Mac's father sent him from prison
Charlie changes Frank's glasses prescription to keep Frank dependent on him

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