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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S05E11: Women of Questionable Morals
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1. Why does Lorelai wake up Luke in the middle of the night?
she wants sex
she smells snow in the air
she is sleepwalking
she is hungry and wants him to make her a pie
2. Emily is shocked to find this on the patio.
a dog
a hotel room key
a bouquet of flowers
a lost child
3. Rory is on her way to class when she discovers this person waiting for her outside her dorm.
her other grandfather, Straub
4. Lorelai it's not having a good day at the Dragonfly, thanks to her usually-beloved snow. Which of the following has NOT happened?
the inn ran out of coffee
patrons have cancelled their stay at the inn
Michel fell on the slick walkway and sprained his ankle
a snow plow pushed 10 feet of snow in front of the inns driveway
5. Emily visits Richard to check on the dog. Richard introduces Emily to something while she's there - what?
shopping online
Home Shopping Network
6. Who gets picked for the important role off "woman of easy virtue" in the Stars Hollow historical reenactment?
By way of explanation.....
Kirk is very excited. "My girlfriend's the whore!"
7. Lorelai and Rory are surprised to hear this piece of information from Emily.
Richard has expressed interest in reconciling
she would like to get a small dog for companionship
Christopher's father died
she's bought an apartment in Paris
8. Rory visits Christopher, and brings milk and cookies. What does Lorelai arrive with a short time later?
a bottle of tequila
old home videos
pot brownies
ice cream
9. A hungover Lorelai feels badly that she:
lied to Luke about why she wasn't feeling well
didn't tell Christopher how sorry she was about his dad
forgot to finish Lulu's costume for the reenactment
fooled around with Christopher
10. What does Taylor say is the worst thing Kirk has ever done?
dressing like and playing the role of the "woman of easy virtue" in the reenactment
rewritten the story of the woman's involvement for the reenactment
decided to sing in the middle of the reenactment
insulted Taylor's acting ability during the reenactment
11. Why was Kirk playing the role?
he thought he looked better in the dress than Lulu did
Lulu is sick
Lulu's missing
Lulu had to leave town to take care of her ailing mother
12. Emily goes to see Richard at the guest house and leaves disappointed. Why?
he tells her he doesn't want her to visit any more
he tells her the stray dog has been picked up - now she doesn't have an obvious reason to pop in for a visit
he tells her he's thinking of moving out
he's there with another woman
13. Lorelai arrives home to find this in her front yard.
a stray dog
a snow fort
a snowmobile
an ice rink
14. Why is there an ice rink in the front yard?
Luke felt bad about trying to ruin Lorelai's "relationship" with snow
a pipe burst and froze all over the front yard
Rory thought it might be fun to surprise Lorelai with a favorite winter pasttime
Luke wanted to practice his hockey skills
15. Luke tells Lorelai he knows she was lying earlier in the day about not feeling well. How does Lorelai respond?
she admits to a night of drinking with Christopher
she changes the subject, asking Luke how HE is feeling
she claims she just had a headache
she tells Luke she doesn't like being accused of lying

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