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How Well Do You Know: Resident Evil
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This was fun
Yoshie 7/19/09 7:20 pm


1. Which of these is not listed as a source of Umbrella's "massive profits"?
Cybernetic Implants
Genetic Experimentation
Military Technology
Viral Weaponry
2. What is the cause of the initial viral outbreak?
A blue vial is broken.
A green vial is broken.
A red vial is broken.
Someone saw a George Romero movie and got an idea.
3. What is the name of the Umbrella installation where the movie takes place?
Ashford Institute
The Hive
Raccoon City
S.T.A.R.S. Base
4. What happens to a woman on the elevator?
She is attacked by a zombie dog.
She is decapitated.
She is eaten.
She is infected.
5. Alice is having one of those "What in God's name was I doing last night?" mornings. Where does she wake up?
In my bed. Hey, it's my quiz. If it were your quiz, you could say your bed.
In Raccoon City Police Department's drunk tank
In a shower in a creepy mansion.
In Spence Parks' bed...and not for the first time, I might add.
6. Alice is left a note from a currently secret admirer. What does it say?
I kept my promise, now keep yours.
Meet me by the courtyard gates.
Today all your dreams come true.
7. Who is the first person Alice meets?
8. Creepy military guys in gas masks bust through and tackle Matt. What does their leader, One, ask of Alice?
Have you completed your objective?
Why did you go silent for so long?
The same thing you would ask of Alice if you saw her in that red dress.
9. Who hitches a ride with the commandos at the train station?
Red Queen
10. What romantic words are engraved in Alice's ring?
Believe your heart
Green Herb + Blue Herb + Red Herb
Property of Umbrella Corporation
This is fake but my love is real
11. Who is revealed to be the killer of the entire Umbrella staff at The Hive?
Red Queen
12. How is One killed in the corridor by the Red Queen's chamber?
Exploding floor
Laser slicing and dicing
Nerve gas
Radiation poisoning
13. How many people die in that corridor?
Just the one, One.
14. What form does the Red Queen take?
One, the man she just killed
Small boy
Small girl
15. Right before her power is shut off, what message does the Red Queen deliver in her creepy British accent?
Alice, you said you were my friend.
It's too late. I've already brought them back.
Umbrella says no visitors.
You're all going to die down here.
16. Who is the first person bitten by a zombie?
17. Matt is harboring a secret. What is it?
Alice is his sister.
He created the T-Virus.
He is an Umbrella employee.
His sister was an Umbrella employee who tried to smuggle the T-Virus.
18. Alice escapes a room with a zombie dog in it. What is in the next room?
Seven more zombie dogs
Zombie J.D.
Zombie shark
19. How does Rain taunt the zombies?
She drips blood from her hand into a group of them.
She offers her left hand only to drive in a knife with her right hand.
She shoots out their knees so that they can't walk.
She throws matches at them, knowing they can't extinguish the flames.
20. What are Rain's big plans after she exits The Hive?
Blow up every Umbrella installation in the world.
Hunt down Wesker and feed him to his creations.
She's gonna get laid (her words, not mine).
She's gonna teach Matt every position in the Kama Sutra.
21. Who makes a heel turn and points a gun at the others once they come into possession of the cure?
22. Who kills Spence?
Red Queen
23. The Red Queen offers the four digit code in exchange for what?
Alice's consent to blow up The Hive
Matt's life since he is infected
New DNA for the Licker in order for it to mutate once more.
Rain's life since she is infected
24. Who kills Rain?
Red Queen
25. Alice wakes up in a strange room again. When she exits, what does she discover?
Raccoon City has been overrun by zombies.
She failed to destroy the installation.
She is a clone.
She wasn't nominated for an Academy Award for this one.

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