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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S05E10: But Not as Cute as Pushkin
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1. Miss Patty invites Lorelai to her anniversary party. She's celebrating the anniversary of this event.
her second divorce
her start in showbusiness
her third marriage
the first time she met Frank Sinatra
By way of explanation.....
40 years in "that business we call show"
2. Paris is so busy in a session with her life coach that she forgets to give Rory a phone message. Who had called for Rory?
Headmaster Charleston
3. What does Lorelai say is the true advantage of dating a diner owner?
she will never have to pay for a meal again
she's never more than 10 feet away from pie
people treat her like SHE is also a business owner
she can decide what stays and goes on the diner menu
4. Lorelai discusses Luke's mysterious "dark day" with Kirk while Kirk's trying to get her involved in his latest business venture. What's he selling this time?
car detailing services
bath and shower adhesive decals
handyman work
personalized cell phone holders
5. Logan's pretty horrified that Rory is only showing Anna the academic side of Yale, and not the social side. What does he catch Rory doing during her tour of the library?
skipping through the stacks of books
memorizing the quotes on the library's walls
making Anna check out some weekend reading material
smelling a book
6. Lorelai, driving through town, spots Luke fighting with a little old lady. What had the woman been storing for Luke in her garage?
his second car
boxes of his mother's personal belongings
his father's boat
Liz's motorcycle
7. So, what IS Luke's "dark day"?
the anniversary of his divorce from Nicole
the anniversary of the day his mother got sick
the anniversary of his father's death
the anniversary of the day his now-deceased little brother was born
8. Rory's mortified when this happens in the middle of one of her classes.
Anna interrupts the professor to ask out a student
Logan and his friends burst in and put on a show where they are fighting over her
the fire alarm goes off and she's sick trying to pull Anna away from the guys in the class
Richard enters the classroom and tries giving a lecture
9. Paris tries "putting herself out there" by doing this.
joining an online dating service
signing up for speed dating
going to a bar for ladies' night
answering an ad in the Yale Daily News looking for a wedding date
10. Rory and Anna enter the dorm to find a surprise - what?
Logan's sleeping on the couch in his underwear
Marty is waiting for Rory with flowers and champagne
Doyle walks out of Paris's room, wearing her bathrobe
another gorilla mask is waiting for her at the doorway
11. Rory calls Lorelai for help when this happens.
Anna goes missing
Logan asks her out
Paris kicks her out of the dorm
Christopher calls
12. What causes Luke and Lorelai to have their first real fight?
Lorelai's angry at Luke for bringing his father's boat to the landfill
Luke finds his dad's boat in Lorelai's garage
Luke catches Lorelai in the middle of an intimate phone call with Chris
Lorelai tries convincing Luke not to leave on his dark day
13. Rory and Marty fight about _____ while searching for Anna.
whether or not they are friends
14. Who calls to inform Rory of Anna's whereabouts?
Headmaster Charleston
Anna herself
By way of explanation.....
Anna's been picked up by campus police
15. Rory finds a way to get back at Logan for the classroom stunt he pulled. Who helps Rory with *her* stunt?

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