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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S05E08: The Party's Over
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1. An angry Emily interrupts Richard's portion of Friday night dinner with the ladies. What's she angry about?
he's serving appetizers with cocktails
he's gone over his "allotted time"
he's using Emily's usual topics of conversation
nobody has any idea - it's just "Emily being Emily"
2. Lorelai runs into Liz at the diner. Why are she and TJ back in Stars Hollow?
they needed to discuss a financial matter with Luke
they're celebrating their 6 month anniversary at the gazebo where they married
they're looking to buy a house there
they got evicted and need to stay with Luke
3. Liz spills a piece of info about Luke that surprises Lorelai - what?
Luke is incredibly smart - he was valedictorian of his graduating class
Luke's a great painter - he's sold some paintings at craft shows
Luke's an amazing cook - he can make so much more than "diner food"
Luke's still helping Jess out financially, despite his claim to not be doing so
4. According to Kyon, what does Mrs. Kim consider to be a "gateway food"?
French fries
ice cream
5. Paris is convinced that this is going on in the Yale dining hall.
students are whispering about her, calling her a slut
the cafeteria workers are giving her "better" food now that they know she was with a professor
older professors are flirting with her, now that they know she was seeing Asher Fleming
Rory's giving her the cold shoulder for some reason
6. Rory is invited to a Yale alumni party at the Gilmore house. What part of the invitation surprises her?
Emily and Richard are in the same room when they call Rory, sounding happy
Dean is invited as well
Emily asks Rory to bring Lorelai along
it's a black tie affair so Emily offers to buy Rory a "suitable" gown
7. Liz and an elated TJ enter the diner. Why's he so happy?
he's in escrow!
he and Liz just got bizzay!
he's going to be a daddy!
he's staying at a Holiday Inn Express!
By way of explanation.....
more accurately, he's "in es-ca-row!"
8. Mrs. Kim starts screaming at a confused Zack. Why's she so angry?
he walked by her without saying hello, as he didn't see her
he is trying to "corrupt" Lane by bringing her to gigs at shady clubs
he's quit his day job and is unable to pay his share of rent, forcing Lane to pay extra
he was seen "putting his hands on" Lane at the diner
9. Lorelai claims Luke is the perfect man because he not only can cook, he understands her joke about:
Gone With the Wind
I Love Lucy
the Little Rascals
The Wizard of Oz
10. Lorelai's having a difficult time with this culinary task while Luke is trying to get TJ to leave the apartment.
chopping onions
boiling water
measuring spices
stirring sauce
11. Why does Rory feel uncomfortable at the Yale alumni party?
she's the youngest person at the party by at least 20 years
Richard and Emily only invited alumni with sons Rory's age
she's the only person dressed in black tie attire
Richard and Emily won't stop bickering in front of their guests
12. Lorelai's having difficulty getting in touch with Emily and Richard - why?
the phone has been taken off the hook so all Lorelai gets is a busy signal
the maid who answered the phone doesn't speak English
Emily and Richard hang up every time they hear Lorelai's calling
she has poor cell phone connection in Luke's apartment so the calls keep getting dropped
13. Rory is surprised to learn this bit of news at the party.
Emily and Richard know Logan and his family
Emily and Richard are thinking of reconciling
Lorelai had tried inviting herself to the party but Emily refused to let her come
Christopher was invited but declined the invitation
14. Which of the following is NOT a lie Mrs. Kim has told Kyon?
Mrs. Kim can smell fast food on Kyon, even after a shower
Mrs. Kim can tell how many times Kyon has opened her Bible by looking at her palm
Mrs. Kim can see, just by looking in Kyon's eyes, if she's had any impure thoughts about boys
there's a little machine inside the TV that tells Mrs. Kim if Kyon has been watching
15. Rory realizes she's late for her date with Dean shortly after Logan:
tells her he read and liked her article on the Life and Death Brigade
invites her out to dinner with him and his friends
asks her about her life growing up in Stars Hollow
questions why she's not dating an Ivy League man
16. Lorelai realizes something is amiss when she sees this.
Dean sitting on the front porch, crying
TJ and Liz now fighting in front of her house
a drunken Rory, riding with Logan and crew, getting out of a limo in front of the house
Richard standing on her porch, asking to be let inside

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