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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment
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Top of the morning to ye on this grey drizzling day. It's Saint Patrick's Day where everyone is a little bit Irish, except for whom?
Mormons and Polish
Hillbillies and Latinos
Gays and Italians
Protestants and Asians
Which is not one of the banners seen in Moe's tavern?
Kiss Me, I'm Irish
Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Erin Go Bragh
Help Wanted No Irish Need Apply
You can't seriously consider banning alcohol. Not only does it taste great and make women look attractive, what else does alcohol do?
Makes you invulnerable to criticism
Allows more sexy time with young people
Makes you forget about your previous marriages
Makes hunting look like a game of hide and seek
It turns out the law of prohibition in Springfield was issued 200 years ago. Which law was also issued?
Turtles wearing glasses
Illegalizing chicken-wrestling
Ducks wearing long pants
Chimps enrolling in gymnastics
Now, that prohibition has taken effect, all alcoholic beverages have been buried in the dump. What's the name of the new Duff drink that eventually causes the brewery to file for bankruptcy?
Diet Duff
Clear Duff
Duff Cola
Duff Zero
With the lack of help from the police, Quimby hires a stern cop that will enforce the prohibition law, Rex Banner. Who sends him the second telegram?
His wife
His mother
His daughter
His son
What is Rex Banner's first plan to prohibition?
Shooting beer kegs
Rejecting brides
Arresting Moe
Build a wall for bootleggers
A shadowy figure appears on TV as a solitary visual. Who is he?
Homer Simpson
Moe Szyslak
Krusty the Clown
Barney Gumble
Homer and Bart go to the dump, dig up the beer kegs, and put the beer in bowling bowls to serve a Moe's. How much does the beer cost?
During a police raid, Moe's Tavern gets turned into a pet shop. We see that Barney was inside when the counters and booth tables turn over, but who was originally there?
Chief Wiggum
Sam the barfly
Larry the barfly
Since he has to create his own alcohol, Homer goes to a hardware store to purchase 42 bathtubs. The store has a special deal. What is it?
40 for $5,000
50 for $3,000
30 for $2,000
60 for $6,000
The first of Homer's homemade drink finally gets served straight from the bathtubs. Which one is it?
bloody Mary
Irish Coffee
Mint Julep
Comic Book Guy sarcastically claims that he is the Beer Baron, but only by night. What is he by day?
Mild-mannered forensic scientist who's late for work
Millionaire living in a mansion on a hilltop
Mild-mannered reporter for a Metropolitan newspaper
Former U.S. Army doctor and UN ambassador
Homer quits being the Beer Baron and helps Chief Wiggum get his job back. They stage Homer's arrest and tell everything about how he processed the liquor. Which part doesn't Wiggum mention?
He spent $3,000 on the bathtubs
He made the beer out of barley
The explosion from the liquor set him on fire
He filled the bowling balls with a funnel
How does Rex Banner meet his defeat?
He storms off after hearing the prohibition's abolishment
He gets arrested by Chief Wiggum
Snake stabs him in the back and runs off
He gets booted out of town via catapult
How long does it take to make everyone in Springfield drunk?
5 minutes
6 minutes
8 minutes
4 minutes

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