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How Well Do You Know: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Season 1
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1. "Pilot Episode": When the shows pilot episode opens Jake is giving a speech while out on a call. From what movie is Jake or actually 10 Jake's quoting in his speech?
Training Day
Donnie Brasco
2. "Pilot": After Capt. Holt embarrasses Jake and introduces himself to the precinct he calls Sgt. Jeffords into his office for a discussion. He mentions that they worked together at another precinct and Sgt. Jefford's had an unfortunate but accurate nickname. What was Sgt. Jeffords nickname?
Tubby Terry
Terry Titties
Towering Terry
Terry Teabag
3. "Pilot": Boyle asks Rosa out on a date to a theater showing classic films and she agrees. Rosa says for him to pick a better movie than what highly regarded classic?
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Citizen Kane
The Godfather
4. "Pilot": In 1981, Capt. Holt caught the Disco Strangler. What was the weapon of choice for the Disco Strangler?
A Yo-Yo
A Hula Hoop
Platform Shoes
A Slinky
5. "The Tagger": Jake comes in to work late and gets called out for his mistakes in front of everyone. He not only has the most felony arrests but the most mice in his desk. What's the name of the mouse he finds in his desk?
6. "The Slump": Amy is asked to run the Junior Police program for the precinct. She insulted Gina earlier and to enact revenge Gina gets the kids to chant something throughout the meeting. What do the kids chant?
"Cops hate black people!"
"Black people can steal cars!"
"Cops love hookers!"
"Black people can sell drugs!"
7. "The Slump": During the episode we see Terry struggling to put together a kid's toy. What toy is Terry having a difficult time putting together?
A dollhouse
A bike
Radio Flyer
Train set
8. "The Vulture": While everyone is discussing the age of the oldest person they arrested Charles walks in and misunderstands so he tells everyone about the oldest person he's had sex with. He said she had a hip replacement which had serious torque and it was like having sex with what?
Race car
9. "The Vulture": While Jake is turning over the case file to the Vulture we learn who Charles wanted to be when he grew up. Who is it?
Harriet "The Spy"
Nancy Drew
Encyclopedia Brown
Joe Hardy
10. "The Vulture": Jake needs to find the murder weapon to solve the case and can't figure out where it could have gone. Where does Amy figure out it is?
Inside of the garbage chute
In a heating vent
Behind the fridge
Out on the fire escape
11. "Halloween": Jake starts a Halloween contest where he tries to steal something from Capt. Holt. What item does Capt. Holt suggest Jake try and steal?
His necklace
His wedding ring
His shield
His medal
12. "Sal's Pizza": A virus got on the departments server and sent out an email with everyone's search history. Sgt. Jeffords looked up "undiscovered muscle" after seeing a muscle in his shoulder that he'd never seen before. Boyle looked up how to make what food at his desk?
Fois Gras
Pulled Pork
13. "Christmas": We learn that Capt. Holt has received a death threat and Jake is tasked with keeping the captain safe. While at the safe house Capt. Holt, with the help of Jake and Boyle, figures out it's an ex-con he caught when he was a detective. Who is after the captain?
The Midtown Mugger
The Freestyle Killer
The Brooklyn Brawler
The Downtown Drowner
14. "Christmas": While everyone is tracking down the Freestyle Killer in the train yards someone gets shot. Who takes a bullet?
15. "Christmas": Where on the body was Boyle shot?
The chest
Each foot
Both hands
The butt
16. "Pontiac Bandit": With Boyle back to work after being shot and in an effort to be nice the group drops the lifetime ban on Boyle choosing where to order lunch. What kind of food does Boyle order?
17. "The Ebony Falcon": Gina had her apartment broken into and the Nine-nine are on the case. She gives them an itemized list of what was stolen. Which of these is *NOT* something Gina had stolen from her place?
Full sized taxidermied sheep
Large painting of a naked lady on a lion
Joseph Gordon Levitt nesting dolls
A music box that plays "She Works Hard for the Money"
18. "The Ebony Falcon": Jake and Boyle set up a sting in a boxing gym to catch a steroid dealer. While waiting for him to show up we learn Boyle used to box in the police academy. They invented a new weight class for him. What was it called?
Super-duper lightweight
Leprechaun weight
19. "Full Boyle": A person dressed as a superhero crime fighter comes into the precinct to report a crime. What's his name?
Awesome Andy
Power Pete
20. "The Apartment": While booking a suspect into custody Jake accidentally calls Capt. Holt something he soon regrets. What does Jake call Capt. Holt?
21. "Tactical Village": Gina gets Capt. Holt hooked on a phone game. What's the name of the game?
Cooky Cookies
Bonkers Brownies
Tasty Tarts
Cwazy Cupcakes
22. "Fancy Brudgom" Boyle and Jake go tasting cakes for the wedding and the very first cake makes Jake choke. What's odd about the cake?
Habanero icing
Bugs in the cake
Curry icing
It has fermented fish on top
23. "Unsolvable": Capt. Holt shows up with a sprained wrist and since he won't say how it happened everyone starts to guess how he injured himself. On the side he tells Jake and says it's because no one will believe Jake if tells anyone else. How did he sprain his wrist?
Skipping rope
Hula hooping
Doing a three legged race
Hip hop dancing
24. "Charges and Specs": Boyle shows up in all black like Neo in the Matrix. Gina asks him if he already had that outfit in his closet for some reason and Boyle says he bought it with the money he was going to use to go on a honeymoon to where?
Igloo City
Dinosaur World
Cape Canaveral
25. "Charges and Specs": Amy finds a CI that has info on the case they're working. He says he hates those guys because they made him give up his dream job. What was his dream job?
Stealing cars
Selling drugs
Hijacking trucks
Home invasions

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