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How Well Do You Know: Children of Men
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1. What fate has befallen Diego Ricardo at the start of the film?
Killed in a bar fight after refusing to sign an autograph.
Killed in the struggle at the Siege of Seattle
Refused re-admission into his home country of England.
Refused to be called Rico Suave at his karaoke performance.
2. What happens after Theo (Clive Owen) leaves the cafe?
His boss kills himself.
His newspaperman kills himself.
Most of the people in the street join hands in prayer.
The cafe explodes.
3. One of the pictures on the wall at the home of Jasper (Michael Caine) and Janice shows Theo and Julian (Julianne Moore) alongside who/what?
Big Ben
Mick Jagger
Queen Elizabeth
Their son, Dylan
4. Theo reads the description of a product that is shown in a commercial in his apartment in the next scene. What is the product?
Condoms, ironically enough
Strawberry Cough
5. Who is the mastermind behind Theo's kidnapping?
Julian aka Jules (Julianne Moore)
Luke (Chiwetel Ejiofor)
Nigel (Danny Huston)
Patric (Charlie Hunnam)
6. What does Jules offer Theo in exchange for transit papers for the refugee girl?
A boat he can use to flee the country
Five Thousand Pounds
'Yeah, that...and breakfast, too.'
To prove that the carpet matches the drapes.
7. Art collector Nigel, Theo's cousin, has a boy toy. Blink and you may miss him, but this young dude, Alex, is portrayed by a teen heartthrob who has won the hearts of all the ladies in this television series:
Friday Night Lights
Gossip Girl
High School Musical
The Secret Life of an American Teenager
8. Theo knows just how good Nigel's art collection is when he walks down a hallway and sees what?
Michelangelo's David
Mona Lisa
The Scream
The Thinker
9. In the car ride, the group is ambushed and one of them is shot and killed. Who is it?
Kee (Clare-Hope Ashitey)
Miriam (Pam Ferris)
10. Which of these does not happen after Jules is shot to death?
Cops are shot to death by Luke.
Luke is promoted to leader of The Fishes.
Motorcyclists are killed by a car door.
Theo is beaten up by Luke.
11. What is Kee's big secret?
Her real name is Madonna Cher.
She's pregnant.
She's a man, baby!
She's a woman -and- a man, baby!
12. Why does no one else support Theo's suggestion to make the pregnancy public?
Jules wanted her to go to The Human Project, so that's where she will go.
Kee is a fugee and the government hates fugees.
The Uprising would not go forward.
When will these people learn? Democracy just doesn't work.
13. What is the problem with Theo and Kee's escape from The Fishes?
The car won't start until the bottom of the hill.
The dogs and cats won't move out of the way.
Kee doesn't want to go, so she has to be dragged.
Miriam doesn't want to go, so she has to be dragged.
14. Jasper champions the idea of taking Kee where?
The Human Project
Well, baby got back. So, use your imagination.
15. How does Jared know Syd, the border guard?
Syd arrested him once.
Syd buys pot from him.
Syd is his son.
Syd and Jared are brothers.
16. When Jasper gives Janice the Quietus, what song is playing (for the second time in the movie)?
The Court of the Crimson
Ruby Tuesday
There Is an Ocean
17. What is the code phrase Jasper gives Theo to tell Syd when they meet?
"I dare you to pull the trigger."
"Keira Knightley was too skinny."
"You are a fascist pig."
"You suck at poker."
18. Where is Kee when she goes into labor?
Refugee bus
Refugee camp
Syd's room
Syd's tank
19. Which of these people is not in the room when the baby is revealed to someone other than Theo for the first time?
20. Who beats Syd with a lead pipe?
21. The backdrop of the movie's climax, The Uprising, involves what?
The downfall of western civilization.
The Fishes' invasion of Bexhill.
The government's abandonment of Bexhill.
A Bruce Springsteen concert. Everyone rise up!
22. Who dies in an explosion during the apartment shootout?
23. How do Theo and Kee get out of the apartment building?
Everyone stops shooting at the sight of the baby.
Patric escorts them out the kitchen.
They hide behind Syd's corpse.
They jump out the window.
24. What is the name of the boat that Kee and the baby ride to safety?
Fading Hope
Salvation Run
Shining Faith
The Tomorrow
25. What does Kee decide to name the baby?

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