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How Well Do You Know: My Left Foot
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1. What do we see Christy doing in the very first scene?
Typing pages for his memoir
Painting a picture
Writing a poem
Setting up a record player
2. And which opera is the song playing from?
Alfano’s Cyrano de Bergerac
Mozart’s Cosi fan tutte
Verdi’s Falstaff
Rossini’s Otello
3. We flashback to Christy’s childhood when he lived with his family. Why does his mother have to go to the hospital?
She’s getting a foot surgery
She’s seeing one of her children
She’s experiencing menopauses
She’s pregnant
4. For the first time, Christy attempts to communicate with the family by writing with his foot. What is he trying to do?
Spelling “MOTHER”
Drawing a triangle
Solving a math question
Writing the letter “A”
5. I hear if you do put a thing in another thing, you get a baby. How long do put it in to create twins?
½ hour
One hour
Two hours
Four hours
6. Every time that you light a candle on All Souls' Night, you have to say five Our Fathers and five Hail Marys and five Glory Bes. What happens afterwards?
God will give a miracle from above
You will get divine protection
A new angel is born
A soul fires up into heaven
7. At the start of Christy’s adulthood, we see his family celebrate his birthday. How old is he?
8. During a game of Spin the Bottle, the bottle points to Christy. Although he’s not in the game, one of the girls kisses him. Which one is she?
9. Why does Rachel return Christy’s painting?
He left and forgot it at her house
She’s teased by her girl friends
Her heart belongs to someone else
She was expecting a gift from Tom
10. Whose idea was it to steal coal from the truck?
11. In the fireplace is a tin box containing money to pay for Christy’s wheelchair. How much is in it?
20 pounds and 35 pence
24 pounds, 6 shillings, and fourpence
28 pounds, 7 shillings, and threepence
34 pounds, 4 shillings, and tuppence
12. Sheila has got some news to share, but Paddy doesn’t take very well, causing a ruckus at night. Why is that so?
She got married to a Scotsman
She needs money for her trip to London
She wants to live in Paddy's house with her husband
She’s pregnant before marriage
13. We meet Dr. Eileen Cole, who teaches Christy how to function properly. Which is not one of her teachings?
Writing with a typewriter
Drinking from a straw
Turning his head
Blowing bubbles
14. What Shakespeare play does Dr. Cole give to Christy?
Romeo and Juliet
King Lear
15. At the gallery, art patrons celebrate the talents of Christy Brown. Why can’t his mother join him at his dinner party?
She has to take care of her children
She has to take care of Paddy
She has to attend a Catholic sermon
She has a doctor’s appointment at that time
16. Introibo ad altare Dei. Christy alludes to The Latin Mass, although he thought he quoted which author?
Oscar Wilde
W.B. Yeats
Jonathan Swift
James Joyce
17. Why is Christy attempting suicide?
No one will buy his paintings
He can never find true love
He can never speak properly
We was never able to walk
18. How is Christy attempting suicide?
Drinking a bottle of cough medicine
Falling down the stairs
Slitting his wrist
Falling off the window in his room
19. Because Dr. Cole is getting married soon, Christy behaves rudely to his guests and patrons. Which demeanor doesn’t he perform?
Spitting on Dr. Cole’s fiance
Banging his head on the table
Slurping loudly on his whiskey
Informally cursing in public
20. Finish this quote: “You may be a great painter, but you’ll never be a ______.”
21. How does Paddy Brown die?
Heart failure
Liver Cancer
Pancreatic Cancer
22. While on the subject of Paddy, what was his favorite song?
The Valley of Knockanure
Come Out, Ye Black and Tans
Who is Ireland’s Enemy
Foggy Dew
23. Who does Christy ask to write his memoir?
24. 800 pounds? That’s more money than your father made in a year. What does Christy suggest his mother should buy?
A new house
A new dress and shoes
Airline tickets to America
A bottle of champagne
25. During the film, we cut back and forth to present day with Christy and his nurse and soon-to-be-wife Mary Carr at a charity organization. To whom is the charity given to?
People with cerebral palsy
Autistic children
Impoverished Irish families
Handicapped people

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