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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S05E07: You Jump, I Jump, Jack
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1. Who informed Emily that Lorelai and Luke are dating?
2. What is Luke's reaction when Lorelai informs him that they are required to have dinner at Emily's?
he begs her not to make him go
he thinks it's a good idea
he asks if Rory can tag along too
her questions why Emily wants to meet him (again)
3. Despite Luke's protests, Lorelai insists that Emily is insulting him in a way only she can. She insists that "beer" = "nitwit juice" in Emily-speak, and that "______" is backhand slang for "crap pile."
4. Rory finds an envelope taped to her window. Enclosed is a note from the Life and Death Brigade and...this.
a blindfold
a gorilla mask
a cell phone
directions to a secret location
5. Which of the following does Emily NOT "discuss" with Luke during dinner?
his love of baseball
the cleanliness of diners (serving roadkill) her friends have visited
his recent divorce
his deceased parents
6. Richard calls Luke and sets up a time for them to meet. What will they be doing?
playing poker
sampling gin at a distillery
playing tennis
7. Why can't Rory meet up with Dean for a long-anticipated date?
he doesn't have use of his car once again
The Life and Death Brigade event is an overnight affair
Dean is sick
Doyle has requested no "outside interference" so Rory can get her article finished
8. What do Lane and Zack do on their date?
go to the Black White and Read to see a movie
stay home and continue watching a movie they had started the night before
visit Mrs. Kim at the antiques store
eat dinner at the diner
9. Rory finds that the other LDB members aren't very eager to answer her questions. Logan admits they weren't thrilled to have a non-member joining the event, and gives her the rest of the conditions. Which is not one he mentions?
no physical descriptions of any members
no disclosing the location of the event
no referring to the LDB by name in the article
no interfering with the integrity of the event
10. Richard discusses this idea while on the golf course with Luke.
proposing to Lorelai
franchising the diner
purchasing a food truck
becoming a landlord
11. Logan tries to get Rory to participate in the big LDB stunt, telling her _____.
she doesn't seem to enjoy having fun
she should love more and read less
she should do it to spite Lorelai and Emily, both of whom would hate the idea
she's too sheltered
12. The LDB stunt involved this item.
hot air balloon
lawn chair
13. Luke calls Lorelai after the golf outing, and he's a little tipsy. Where is he?
the driving range
a tailor's shop
a bar
The Gilmore pool house
14. Which of the following did NOT happen during Luke's golf outing with Richard?
Luke wound up with an "art guy" and a "rare coins guy"
Luke needs to read Greek literature so he can discuss it with Richard the next time they meet up
Luke bought an extremely expensive set of golf clubs
Luke is told to buy a truck much newer than the one he currently drives
15. Rory hears a knock at the door, and finds 3 items by the door in the hallway. Which of the following is not one of the items?
a gorilla mask
an umbrella
her camera
a bottle of champagne

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